From May 3 until November 5, 2018, courageous Mars transits sidereal Capricorn, where the red planet’s ambition and determination shifts into high gear. As a result, the summer of 2018 will simmer with an exciting, if volatile energy that is guaranteed to raise the stakes.
This high-powered transit is no ordinary occurrence. Normally, fiery Mars occupies a sign for about six weeks before it moves on, but this year the red-faced planet will be camped in the strategic trenches of Capricorn for more than six months.
On his trek across the tough, earthy terrain of Capricorn, Mars will double back in his retrograde cycle from June 26 – August 27, sparking a period of intense and determined work in the depths of the inner world. To top it off, Mars is also joined by shadow planet Ketu, the headless eclipse serpent. In an unruly dance with the karmic snake’s slithering tail, Mars will cross its turbulent axis three times this summer and fall—on June 14, July 19, and September 20.
Just like the shadow of an eclipse, Ketu’s effects can be strange, confusing, and shocking. Mars and Ketu, for example, were tightly conjoined during the surprise attacks of Sept 11, 2001. This year, the Mars/Ketu conjunction could further destabilize the situation in the Middle East, where Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Iranian nuclear deal has already dealt a wild card.

Mars, will be in a productive and energetic race for both material success and spiritual growth in Capricorn with Ketu. Always playing the warrior, Mars will be fighting a battle for inner and outer empowerment at the same time.

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As it heats up the outer world with its unpredictable flames, Mars can also trigger conflict and turmoil in the inner world. It’s important to cultivate a sense of mindfulness and patience with yourself and others, and to avoid reactive and inflammatory situations. Calming activities, such as taking quiet walks in nature or meditating in solitude, are especially beneficial at this time.
In Vedic Astrology, the mysterious and deeply spiritual influence of Ketu is said to have a special connection to Mars. Both Ketu and Mars have a fiery and intense disposition, but while Mars is bold and extroverted, Ketu is introverted and more attuned to the realm of the subconscious. When these two influences come together, spiritual progress can be made quite suddenly.
This can be a dizzying time for soul journeying or doing healing work of any kind; old wounds associated with trauma, or even past life karma, could resurface in order to be integrated and ultimately cleared. If you practice hatha yoga, physically strengthening asanas such as Warrior Pose are especially potent during the Mars/Ketu conjunction, as is practicing Tai-Chi and other martial arts.
On an environmental level, Ketu magnifies the hot and dry influence of Mars, which could increase the likelihood of drought and wildfires this summer. In the deep earth sign of Capricorn, Mars and Ketu can trigger fiery underground eruptions, such as the recent earthquakes and volcanic activity that began in Hawaii on May 3, the day that Mars entered Capricorn.
For some individuals, this same influence will shorten tempers and increase personal frustrations. The double power of Ketu and Mars could also increase the chance of accidents, inflammation, and bodily injuries. Avoid high-risk sports activities and surgeries, and, if possible, stay out of unnecessary drama, particularly when dealing with family, co-workers and government institutions.
Remember that tempers can run hot right now, as many old wounds stemming from disempowerment and oppression are being reopened and asking to be resolved. Unfortunately, demonstrations of social activism may be more prone to slip into violence around this time. It’s important to keep focus on fostering peace and tolerance in the world, while participating in necessary discussions about justice and equality.
On the upside, Mars is also the planet of creative energy and endurance. The next six months offer a unique and powerful opportunity to build your inner strength, rejuvenate your spirit, and face down any personal demons that may be holding you back from realizing your full potential. If you channel your life’s frustrations and disappointments into actions and creative projects that connect you to a real sense of purpose, you will find that you’re unstoppable.
For a more personalized assessment of how this Mars in Capricorn transit will affect you, as well as instruction on how to harness its power in a constructive way, book a one-on-one astrology reading with me.
Horoscopes are intended to be read from your Vedic Sign. The Vedic Sidereal Zodiac is approximately 24 degrees earlier than your Western Zodiac sign.

You can read the sign of your ascendant, moon, and sun.
Aries – A lot of work may seem to be scattering your priorities, or perhaps there’s a change in job ahead. Keep focused on what you really want to accomplish.  
Taurus – Facing changing beliefs and perspectives is confusing. Challenging interactions with father figures, coaches, and teachers can trigger a new direction. This could be a good time for travel.
Gemini – Time to heal old wounds and get a deeper understanding of your heart. How are you supported? Investment and money issues could come into focus.
Cancer – Relationships bring work. How much are you giving? How much can you receive? Issues of spiritual connection, trust, and soulmates unravel.
Leo – You actually are what you eat. Taking care of your health means improving your dietary habits. Surprises with pets, debt and the work/care of others can arise.
Virgo – Connect with what you love. Time to reexamine your creativity. Issues with children or fertility may arise. We cannot always know what is best for our creations.
Libra – Time to let go of the past. Could be a good time to move or redo the plumbing at home. Great time for inner work.
Scorpio – You can find the courage to change relationships and improve the way you communicate. Stand up to unfair situations, but don’t fall into drama with neighbors, siblings, or close friends.
Sagittarius – Time to clean out the closet. What do you really need to hold on to? Money comes and goes – flows. Be patient with family and close friends. Remember that the words you speak aloud have power.
Capricorn – Mars is on your head! Stay active, but don’t overwork yourself.  Avoid risky/dangerous situations. This a powerful time for spiritual growth and empowerment.
Aquarius – Trouble relaxing or getting to sleep? This might be a good time to retire from activities that are no longer serving you. Simplify. Let the river of life steer you forward.
Pisces – Friends change. Organizations reorganize. Let go of what’s not working now and embrace the new potential of what is unfolding.