The full moon/lunar eclipse of March 25 peaks at exactly midnight on the evening of the 24th (pacific time).  This lunar omen of transformation heralds an edgy Mercury Retrograde Cycle and the North American Solar Eclipse in April.

Brace yourself for sudden twists, turns and changes of heart, as this lunar eclipse straddles beginnings and endings, and life-changing breakthroughs.

Since ancient times, eclipses have been seen as harbingers of transitions in power, and they often occur alongside radical shifts in self-understanding.

The penumbral lunar eclipse on March 24/25 crosses the faint outer layer of Earth’s shadow.  This eclipse may not be as visually dramatic as a total lunar eclipse, but its effect will be far-reaching.

The shadow graha, Ketu, symbolized by the tail of a great snake, will cross the moon during this lunar eclipse. It’s said that Ketu remembers and liberates past karma, as it stirs-up the unseen from this life and beyond.  This lunar eclipse offers a chance to cut yourself free from the past, and the entanglements of regret, doubt, and heartbreak.

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And this Lunar Eclipse has a special transformational power to call life back in. It’s the first full moon of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the auspicious holiday of Holi, the Hindu Festival of Color. This energetic and colorful holiday celebrates the creative power of life, love and the rebirth of Spring.

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Take heed, Mercury, the planet of travel and communication, is now positioned between Aries and Pisces–a volatile zone called gandanta.  Mercury is moving unusually slow right now and will turn retrograde on April 1, making miscommunications and breakdowns more likely. Take things slowly in the next weeks, and remember that people are more prone to anxiety and confusion during eclipse season.

On top of it all, a rare alignment of Mars, the god of war and Saturn the planet of karma, is creating a formation called Yama, named after the the Vedic Lord of Death.  Serious and tragic repercussions of the war in the Middle East, and other places, are likely as the deadly pressure of this alignment continues throughout the eclipse season.

This alignment is also creating a serious focus on Venus, the goddess of love.  Hard lessons around relationships may be coming up now, but the transformational power of this eclipse season can offer a new light of forgiveness and understanding.

Happy Holi!

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