“Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars.” art by Aaron Blaise

PictureRegulus is a massive star many times more luminous than the sun, it is called Magha, “the great one.”

Since Jupiter and Venus entered Leo in early July we have been feeling the radiant warmth of the royal star Magha, the solar heart of the Lion.  
Our hearts can open to new levels of compassion and generosity under the influence of this star, but we also may become painfully aware when these qualities are lacking. 

On August 4th Mercury joined Jupiter and Venus in Magha, creating a remarkable Saraswati yoga, and opening a door of possibility in the realms of intellect and spirit.  This is a tremendous platform from which human consciousness can expand, and lines up remarkably well with the “Lion’s Gate” of New Age philosophers.
Magha gives focus on our leaders, parents and children.   As the throne of the ancient spirits of earth’s ancestors, The Heart of the Lion also connects us to the Animal Kingdom.. and it’s Kings.

It is no coincidence that the world’s attention has been drawn to the King of the Jungle, the tragedy of ‘Cecil the Lion’ at this time. The lion heart has roared out a new wave of concern for animal rights around the world. Cecil’s death has led to protests, a general outcry against big game hunting, and most recently,
three major us airways refusing to transport game trophies on their flights.

The lion is an archetype of pride and magnificence and touches a primordial sense of connection to a good and generous benefactor, a sort of ‘King of Kings’ within our hearts.  Belonging to a tight group of friends or family may become more important at this time.  Reach out to family members and honor your parents.  Remember and respect history.  Political activities get extra glamour and may peak our interests during these days.   The yoga will separate when Venus backs up into the Water Snake of Cancer to join the Dark Moon on the 13th of August.