On Oct 11, 2018, expansive Jupiter entered the dark and mysterious sign of Scorpio, opening a profound new chapter for the planet of luck and optimism.
It’s said that where this bright and benefic planet goes a river of jnana (knowledge) flows, and in Scorpio, Jupiter will take a courageous deep dive into the spiritual waters of self-understanding.
Planetary transits can be treacherous times. In the last weeks Jupiter has been crossing a volatile area of the sky,  the cusp of Libra, a sensitive and vulnerable point in the themes of justice and love.
In these last degrees of Libra it’s said that Jupiter’s high ideals and hopes fall asleep (nidra) and his body grows old and frail (midra).  You may have experienced exhaustion, pressure or even feelings of hopelessness as high-minded Jupiter buckles down to redefine his vision.  This may be particularly evident in areas of your life where Jupiter is specifically transiting your Vedic Astrology chart.  To find out more schedule a Vedic Astrology reading with me here. 

Scorpio offers an empowering frequency of passion, depth, and spiritual mysticism that could uncover secrets and open new realms of awareness.  In general, Jupiter in Scorpio will expand vision into the unseen world.  Forgotten memories and secrets could also come into view.  This is a great time for shadow work and the integration of repressed information, such as through dream analysis, depth psychology, and research.

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Jupiter will remain in sidereal Scorpio until Nov 4, 2019, except for a brief entrance into sidereal Sagittarius Mar 29 – Apr 22, 2019.
How Jupiter’s grace will empower you specifically depends on how it aspects your birth chart. Check out the Jupiter Horoscope video below to find out what it means for your Vedic sign.  And Subscribe to AnandaShree’s YouTube Channel.

Remember that these are based on your Sidereal Sign about 23 degrees earlier than your western sign. Use your Vedic moon and ascendant sign for best results.