Jupiter Yantra – Meditate on the center point of the image to magnify Jupiter’s blessings.

The large and ever-expanding influence of grace and guidance – Jupiter – has just turned retrograde in the sign of equality and karmic justice – Libra.
From now until May 8, 2018, Jupiter’s light will appear to grow in magnitude as it redoubles its influence on relationships and how we share power and wealth.  Jupiter will be reviewing, reconsidering, and reconnecting in Vishaka, the Vedic Star of purpose and dignity.
In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is called the “guru of the devas (gods)”.   A river of clarity and wisdom (jnana) flows through the area of the sky which he transits. Luck, knowledge, and fertility are some of Jupiter’s gifts, as well as guidance and protection.

Throughout much of last year, Jupiter’s high ideals were focused on earth-bound Virgo. Now Jupiter’s position in Libra  is propelling a new light of consciousness. Many issues of ethics, social justice, and education are coming into focus with renewed clarity.
Since Venus, the goddess of love and justice, rules the sign of Libra, this is a powerful time to speak your truth in intimate relationships and the community at large.  Jupiter’s expanding magnitude brings light into the shadows that separate us.

Overall, Retrograde Jupiter in Libra offers a powerful opportunity to redefine boundaries and expand your circle of friends.  Jupiter in Libra can also support win-win business deals, diplomacy, and ground-breaking artistic creations. Jupiter retrograde ends on July 10, 2018. 

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