The large and ever-expanding influence of the planet of luck and optimism – Jupiter – has just entered the sign of love and balance.

Beginning Sept 12, 2017, Jupiter transits into sidereal Libra where it will stay for just over a year. You may already notice a shift in perspective as Libra’s harmonizing influence begins to expand with Jupiter’s light.
In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is called the “guru of devas”(angels). His generous grace is said to flow like a river of spiritual wisdom (jnana) into the area of the sky which he transits.  Luck, knowledge, and fertility are some of Jupiter’s gifts, as well as guidance and protection.


Dressed in yellow, Jupiter rides an elephant with a yellow saphire crest jewel on his head.

Throughout last year, Jupiter’s high ideals have been constricted in earth-bound Virgo. Undeniably, many issues of moral and ethical standards, social justice, and education have been under considerable scrutiny.
Now, with Jupiter’s entrance into Libra a new light can illuminate commonalities, as well as differences. Jupiter’s influence will expand intimate relationships and connection to the community as a whole.  This is a prime time for win-win business deals, elegant diplomacy, increased equality, and ground-breaking artistic creations. 
Take heed, though a welcome change of pace, Libra is the sign of Jupiter’s natural enemy – Venus, who is called the “guru of demons” in Vedic astrology.  Watch out for too-good-to-be-true promises, wavering indecisiveness, and immoral agreements as the guru of angels negotiates in the house of demons.
Overall, Jupiter in Libra offers a powerful opportunity to improve relationships, social skills, and expand your circle of friends. Artistic expression, such as music or painting, will also be therapeutic at this time.

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