Aaron Nakahara

Things getting fired up? Feeling like you’re at your breaking point? The new moon of June 3 (3:02 am PT) is an explosive mix of inner-awakening and outer-volatility. Get ready for some fierce, table-turning events, as things heat up with the brightening moon days to come.  June is a month that can ignite passionate breakthroughs in self-respect and empowerment, but tread carefully – unless, that is, it’s time to blow things out of the water.

The new moon is in the section of the sky called Rohini Nakshatra, a star that symbolizes the red-eye of Taurus the bull.  The moon is exalted in this nourishing, fertile, and determined star.  With the beneficial aspect of expansive Jupiter, this new moon has in an energetic charge for growth and self-development.  Guru Jupiter is very bright and powerful now (retrograde and at peak magnitude) as he guides from the transformative constellation of Scorpio.

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But take heed, since May 17, the volatile warrior Mars has been in Ardra, “the star of storms,” stirring up intense weather patterns, both inwardly and outwardly. Feelings of frustration and anger, as well as a powerful trend in severe weather has kicked into overdrive, causing numerous tornadoes and historic flooding in the US.

On June 1, Mercury will join combative Mars and Rahu, fanning the flames of agitation even more.  Beware of travel delays, chaotic airports and traffic, and computer and data security issues.  It’s important to slow down, take it easy, and avoid unnecessary conflict. Remember that people are more defensive and insecure now, so be extra patient and kind to others.

The days leading up to the full moon on June 17 are especially energetic and heated, so keep things simple, and work inwardly on building your strength, courage and self-esteem. If an outer conflict needs to be discussed, listen carefully and try to communicate your needs clearly.  This is an excellent time for defining personal boundaries and breaking up disempowering situations and habits.

The waning dark moon of June 2 is the birthday of Lord Saturn – Shani Jayanti. Known as the lord of justice, the karmic boss, or Father Time, Saturn is the most important planet to understand in your astrology chart, especially when considering spiritual growth and maturity.  The hours leading up to this new moon are a potent time for spiritual practices like fasting, meditation, and selfless acts of service.

Since March 6, the shocking shadow of the eclipse snake Ketu has joined stern Saturn in Sagittarius, beginning a global karmic reckoning of old beliefs, false teachers, corrupt leaders, as well as a redefining of hopes and ideals. Reach out to others around you who are suffering. Sagittarius, Gemini, and those who are in Dashas (time cycles) of Saturn or Ketu may feel particularly stressed or disillusioned at this time.

The coming eclipses in July will trigger a total deconstruction and liberation from past karma and attachments, particularly in the area where Saturn and Ketu is now transiting your Vedic Astrological chart.  Find out more about how these future influences will affect you, book a Vedic Astrology Reading with Kari.

While the fiery heat of this lunar cycle may feel intense, there’s a lot of potential to make real and lasting improvements now.  Fire is the rajasic element of transformation, it consumes, purifies, and ultimately creates new life.  Use this time to burn up negative thinking patterns, rise up from the ashes of the past, and claim your power.