The new moon on June 6, 2024 is a turning point for seekers of the soul and warriors of the heart. Past karmas are burning on this new moon and a new phase of love and fulfillment is about to open.

This new moon is closely aligned with Venus, a planet of passion, rejuvenation, and money. Although currently invisible (hidden in the glare of the sun) Venus is moving fast and accelerating emotional and spiritual evolution.

According to Vedic Astrology, the new moon (5:38 am PT) falls in Rohini Nakshatra, a star that represents the red eye of Taurus the bull. It’s said that Rohini is the moon’s favorite astral residence, and with it sparks of creative passion fly.

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Rohini gives creative expansion through Rohana Shakti – the power to ascend and grow.    This rejuvenating new moon sows seeds of potential that will sprout for months to come.

When Venus is combust—within 10 degrees of the Sun—she’s transforming and burning away karmic debts and emotional attachments. Venus has been combust since April 28, and crosses the exact degree of the sun on June 4, marking the end of her fierce Morning Star phase and the beginning of her more benevolent Evening Star phase.

This time in-between, or bardo of Venus, can bring an unsettled edginess in relationships or uncertainty in self-expression, but a new beginning is around the corner. Venus combust is a powerful time to look inward, get closure, and prepare for a new phase of growth.

On June 1, warrior Mars crosses the threshold of gandanta and enters the sign of Aries, his home. Mars’ fiery energy will intensify in the weeks to come, increasing motivation and courageous action. Take heed, Mars in Aries can also heighten political turmoil, conflict and cause explosions and accidents.  Avoid over-exertion and unnecessary risks until July 12, when Mars exits sidereal Aries.

The eve of this Rohini New Moon (June 5) is celebrated as Shani Jayanti:  the birthday of Lord Shani, the planet SaturnSaturn is said to be the lord of karma and limitation; however, he’s also a fair judge and supports the balance of cause and effect.  Selfless acts of service please him, and it’s said that Saturn blesses the humble and kind-hearted with the greatest success and spiritual wisdom. Fasting, meditation, and acts of selfless service are auspicious on this day.

If you feel lost or entangled in some way, this new moon is a portal to higher self-understanding, and an opportunity for soul retrieval. Use this special time of transformation to connect with your inner light, and rise above the obstacles on your path.

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