Are you ready to let go? The potent Full Moon of June 27, 2018 (9:53 pm PT) has the power to help liberate us from material attachments and release the uncomfortable burdens of the past.
Appearing in the area of the sky known in Vedic Astrology as Mula, the Root Star, this medicinal Full Moon has a dark but potent energy that may bring unresolved core wounds to the surface. Sometimes these wounds have become so engrained in our psyches that they seem impossible to root out, but Mula, also known as the Foundation Star, can sever our unconscious attachments to pain and suffering and ground us into present reality.
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Symbolized by a tied-up bunch of roots, Mula is located near the origin of the mysterious black hole that lies at the center of our swirling galaxy. It is associated with Ketu, the headless shadow serpent, and ruled by Nirrti, a chaotic goddess of destruction who rides a black crow and dwells in the kingdom of the dead.


Nirrti, associated with the goddess Kali as Dhumavati.

Nirrti’s power to wreak havoc can help to disrupt old patterns and ways of being, thereby freeing us up to consider new possibilities and approach life with a fresh perspective. If old resentments and past hurts have been coming to the surface, it means they are ready to be discarded. It can be difficult to forgive, but forgiveness only benefits us; it’s said that we if we hold onto anger toward our abusers and detractors, we can eventually become like them.
The Mula full moon is also closely conjoined with stoic Saturn, the karmic boss who asks us to take responsibility for our feelings and actions. Saturn is currently retrograde, opposed the sun, and at peak magnitude, augmenting its power to help us consider where we may need to step up to the plate, whether it be in personal relationships or career-related matters. Saturn’s retrograde journey back into Mula can also shake the foundations of relationships, particularly for those who are in the Saturn dasha or the planet’s 7-year-transit of the moon.
In the days surrounding the Full Moon in Mula, meditate on your own personal power and ask the universe to help you reclaim it. This is not a time to wallow in victimhood, but a time to take responsibility for your feelings, and if necessary, to set boundaries with friends or loved ones. Forgiveness does not mean putting yourself in situations with people where you feel unsafe, or at risk of further harm.
This Full Moon can also prove transformative on a spiritual level. Because of its strong association with Ketu, the shadow serpent who triggers eclipses and liberates the soul from material attachments, Mula is said to be a gateway to spiritual realization and a bridge to higher consciousness.
Take heed, however, because Ketu is currently aligned with the willful ambition of Mars in retrograde and opposed Venus, the goddess of love. The Warrior Planet’s fiery red light is amplified under Ketu’s tail, which can increase the impact of courageous actions, but also stoke conflicts and sow confusion.  Read your Mars-Ketu Horoscope.
On the Mula Full Moon, take time to connect with your Root Chakra and feel the ground beneath your feet. Spend time in a garden, or any enchanted and magical place where you feel connected to Mother Earth. Be gentle with yourself if deep, painful wounds rise to the surface, and know that through the transformative power of the Full Moon in Mula, you can reset old patterns and reclaim your power.

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