A brilliant full moon kicks of the month of June with a call for renewed strength and self-respect. On June 3 (8:41 pm PT), the Jyestha full moon will shine a light of guidance on a path toward spiritual empowerment.

Falling in the Vedic nakshatra known as Jyestha, the “star of the eldest queen,” this full moon resonates with themes of strength, authority, and freedom. If you feel you’ve been disempowered in some area of your life, this full moon helps raise awareness, boost self-esteem, and break the chains that hold you back.

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Heart-centered Venus has entered emotional Cancer where she joins a complicated, but passionate Mars.  Venus is also at a spectacular height in the evening sky now. Themes of love, equality and financial security are at a turning point as she gears up for her notorious Venus Retrograde cycle that will begin in July.

Jupiter is heating things up in fiery Aries, with innovative Rahu close by.  Acceleration in technology and a radical new lens on human rights, education, as well as uncertainty in the economy is at the forefront of consciousness.  Something in your life may be pulling you to take a big leap of faith. Find out more about how this affects you on a personal level in the Jupiter in Aries Horoscope class.

Jyestha Devi is the goddess who this full moon is named for.  This ancient mother goddess of power and wisdom, has endured distortion of her original essence over the centuries. Despite her roots as a symbol of female power and authority, she is now primarily associated with hardship and ill fortune. This full moon can raise difficult questions around power dynamics in your relationships and economic security, but it can also open doors for healing these issues.

Slow Saturn is hitting the breaks as the moon wanes darker this month.  Commitment, realism, and boundaries are critical as Saturn turns retrograde on June 17 in Shatabhisha, a star of healing, discovery and disclosure.

Jyestha full moon is a time to reclaim your inherent strength and worth. This is especially crucial if you find yourself marginalized or lacking respect. Take a moment to acknowledge and honor your accomplishments. Reflect upon the unique value that your work, roles, and talents bring to the world. By embracing the power of Jyestha Devi, you can rediscover your power and rise above any adversity you may face.

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