Now is the time to take action. If you’ve been sitting on a plan, waiting for the right moment to hatch it, the Full Moon of July 3, 2023 provides an ideal opportunity to launch your dream. Whether you’re starting a new business venture, finally writing that book, or just reconnecting with what you enjoy, this auspicious full moon—the first super moon of the year, in fact—sparkles with the light of creativity and the promise of success.

In India, this radiant Full Moon is celebrated as the holiday of Guru Purnima, which honors our teachers and guides. Those who have dedicated their time and energy to conveying knowledge deserve to be recognized, and on Guru Purnima, we honor their contributions to our lives.

It’s said that on Guru Purnima, Lord Shiva, the first yogi, transmitted the science of yoga to his seven disciples. On this Full Moon, which peaks at 4:38 a.m. PT, open yourself to receiving wisdom and you may be surprised at the results. It’s possible that you could have an epiphany, or suddenly realize why something in your life hasn’t been working.

The auspicious nature of this Full Moon is magnified by its placement in the night sky. Shining in the Vedic nakshatra of Purva Ashadha, the “Invincible Star,” this Full Moon radiates positivity, blessings, and optimism. If aspects of your life have seemed bleak as of late, this is a prime opportunity to reset the clock and recommit to your highest potential.

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Apas, the ancient water goddesses of the Rig Veda, rule over Purva Ashadha. They are the spirits of our planet’s oceans, rivers, and streams, and they were first invoked thousands of years ago to cool the dry heat of summer and bring the monsoon rains when drought threatened. With extreme heat gripping huge swaths of the U.S., take this opportunity to offer your prayers for relief, asking Apas to cool the planet.

Further amplifying this Full Moon’s positive aspects is a harmonic gaze from Jupiter, the planet of good luck and fortune.  Rahu, the head of the Karmic snake; is close by Jupiter, putting themes of human rights and social justice under Rahu’s unruly shadow, but paradoxically Rahu can also increase Jupiter’s positive energy and motivation for change. The combination of these aspects is a powerful boost to any project launched at this time, giving it a high probability of success.

The only bumps in the road, astrologically speaking, might come a few days after the Full Moon, when, on July 6, Venus crosses from empathic Cancer into fiery Leo. This threshold is known as gandanta, the Karmic knot, and it can be a dangerous crossing point. At the same time, it can also serve as a catalyst for change and transformation as she begins to embark on her soul-searching retrograde journey.

Venus begins her notorious retrograde cycle on July 22. Relationships, as well as issues with money, pleasure, and beauty will all be up for reevaluation. In a transformative rite of passage that will last until September 9, Venus will appear to drop in the evening and disappear into the sun, where it’s said that all delusions of love are burned away.

Venus Retrograde can feel like a journey into the shadow realm, or a recovery mission for lost parts of your heart.  It’s often an opportunity to rekindle passions, but also to sever ties, allowing you to break free from any unhealthy relationship patterns.

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On this Guru Purnima Full Moon, take the time to reflect on those who have taught you. From your school teachers to your spiritual counselors to your artistic and career mentors, honor those who have helped to mold who you are.

In this spirit of profound gratitude, launch your next venture with confidence and optimism, knowing that the light of this Full Moon can help propel you forward.

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