The new moon of July 17 is the beginning of a heart-centered transformation. Intuition, sensitivity and passion are on the rise after this new moon, as Venus, the goddess of love, money and enjoyment, tips into her notorious retrograde cycle. If you’re ready to raise your standards of what’s possible, this new moon is a catalyst for rapid expansion.

Venus Retrograde is a transformational passage that can be a harrowing, but also brings opportunity for greater emotional security, financial stability, and true heart-felt expression.

The new moon (11:32 am PT) falls in the Vedic sign of Punarvasu, the star of renewal. Punarvasu can be translated as “return of the light,” and supports recovery, renewal and all sorts of activities of self-improvement.  As light returns after the darkness of a storm, this lunar cycle can bring much-needed relief to the devastating floods in India and other parts of the world.

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Punarvasu new moon is ruled by an ancient Vedic mother goddess named Aditi, which means boundless, and is said to emanate the nourishing quality of mother nature. Spending time in nature is particularly healing now.

Themes of love, support and emotional nourishment are up for review as Venus turns retrograde on July 22. Venus Retrograde is a rare and powerful rite of passage into the heart, and a pivotal opportunity to heal heartbreak and negative beliefs around financial abundance vs. scarcity.   Venus Retrograde can also help draw clearer and more realistic boundaries in your relationships.

As Venus drops from the evening sky, and edges closer to the sun in the weeks to come, she turns away from the world and into the realm of spirit.  This inner awakening is a time of raw emotional truth and a call to honor authentic needs and desires.

Image: Laksmi (Venus) and her owl, symbol of death and wisdom. Like Venus, owls have the ability to fly in pitch darkness towards its goal.

Take heed, Venus Retrograde can increase passionate connections and activities, but also bring patterns back to be reviewed and healed. Old flames may come out of the woodwork, but new situations can flip the script now. When Venus joins the sun on August 12, something will have to be surrendered for a new possibility to be born.

Every 8 years, Venus returns like clockwork to revisit the same point in this dark journey. What was going on in your life 8 years ago? How was your heart then compared to now?

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