Monica Stadalski
Monica Stadalski


The new moon of July 20 (10:33 am PT) points a new way forward.  There’s a cautious dose of realism within this new moon.  But beneath uncertainty and doubt, a well-spring of spiritual energy is rising.

New moons mark the first day of a lunar cycle, and set a stage for new patterns of life to emerge.  A new moon is an opportunity to renew your body and mind, and this new moon’s got a special nourishing effect for the soul.

The new moon is in the area of the sky called Pushya, the star of nourishment.  Symbolized by a milk-giving cow and falling in the watery sign of Cancer, this new moon ignites a lunar cycle full of life-giving potential.

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The dark moon of Aadi Amavasya, falls a day before the new moon (July 19), and is a sacred time to honor ancestral spirits and guides. Take time to remember loved ones who have passed away on this dark moon night, and honor how they nourish and guide your life forward.

Take heed, the sun and moon are both under the sobering gaze of Saturn, creating a veil of worry, delay, and constriction over the mind, and inhibiting hope for the future.  As COVID-19 continues to resurge in some areas, progress may seem to be at a standstill. Saturn’s iron grip on this dark moon also magnifies the ongoing struggle of Federal officers and civil rights protestors in the US.

Pushya new moon has the power to channel restrictive Saturn as an energy source for the higher good.  Pushya is a star of tenacity, commitment, and dedication that nourishes the heart and soul over the long-haul. Even though you may not see the future clearly, try to stay positive and keep faith in your ability to overcome adversity. This is a time when things can grow against the odds, and flourish even under difficult circumstances.

The moon, Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are all in their own signs now, creating a huge upgrade in our ability to make real improvements in the weeks to come.  Take advantage of the upcoming lunar cycle to move forward in projects, plans, and to make commitments.

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