Ready for a fresh start? The new moon of July 5 (3:57 pm PT) sparks a lunar cycle of expansion and renewal.  Arriving in a current of heavy and difficulty astrological influences, this new moon brings a much-needed dose of light.

Falling in the area of the sky called Punarvasu,“the return of the light,” this new moon supports self-improvement, learning, communication and creative insight.   The new moon opens a month for travel and expansion, and may bring sudden epiphanies that help you see your problems in a new light.

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Punarvasu is ruled by an ancient Vedic goddess named Aditi.   Translated as “boundless,” Aditi, is a creation goddess of limitless and ever-rejuvenating life. This is a time to tune into Mother Nature as the divine mother of creation (para-shakti) that nourishes the world.

Take heed, Mars in fiery Aries is increasing flammability, irritability and raising temperatures within and without.  Conflict, heat waves and fire are more likely at this time.

On this new moon, Mars is also getting a tense and contemplative aspect from Saturn, which may feel like being blocked or pulled back.

This new moon is not the time for risky actions, but if you’re ready to break a habit or improve a situation, it’s an excellent time to make a powerful plan for the weeks and months to come.

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