Check your inner compass, it’s eclipse season.  The full moon of July 16 (2:38 pm PT) is a lunar eclipse that opens to higher spiritual dimensions, but can also shake things to the core.  If you’ve been feeling anxious or confused on your path, now is the time to confront shadows, face fears, and reconnect to your inner guidance system.

This full moon is in the area of the sky called Uttara Ashadha, the courageous star of unstoppable victory.  Symbolized by an elephant’s tusk, this star holds the mighty power of Lord Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god who has the power to destroy even the most stubborn obstacles.

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Lord Ganesha rides a mouse, above shadow asura, Rahu, eating the lunar eclipse.In India this full moon is celebrated as Guru Purnima, the auspicious “full moon of the Guru,” and is a special day to honor teachers, mentors, and guides.  The word guru means teacher, but can also translate as “dispeller of darkness.”  This full moon shines a spiritual light that dispels darkness, ignorance, and doubt.  This is an optimal time to connect with spirit guides, ascended masters, and your own intuitive wisdom.

Partial eclipse is visible in Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe, and Asia. (1:01 pm -3:59 pm Pacific Time)

Take heed, the lunar eclipse wields the power of the shadow planet, Ketu.  Symbolized by the thrashing tail of a snake, Ketu is a force of transformation that dissolves ego and shatters illusion.  Joined with the stern and sobering influence of Saturn, this eclipse could trigger anxiety, melancholy, or give a detached or introspective mood.

With the volatile planet Pluto also riding the snake’s tail, this lunar eclipse could trigger dramatic events, or feel like an exorcism of hungry ghosts.  Problems that can no longer be ignored need to be handled now, and bad habits can be broken. Cleaning out closets, detoxing, and clearing the air with friends and family are positive ways to channel this eclipse energy.  Avoid starting new projects, signing legal documents, or making long term commitments in the days surrounding the eclipse.

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Recently, Venus, the goddess of love, has taken a deep dive, disappearing from the morning sky to be consumed by the blinding light of the sun.  As Venus undergoes her transformation from morning star to evening star, she’s being gripped in the jaws of materialistic Rahu, the eclipse shadow.  Shifting dynamics in love, friendship, and financial agreements are likely as Venus attempts to adjust the scales of needs and desires. A new balance will be found in September, when Venus reappears as evening star.

If this eclipse feels like a crisis of some sort, remember that the darkest hour is often just before dawn. There is an unstoppable force of healing light behind the shadows of these uncertain times. Now is a time to break free from the stagnate holding patterns of the past and awaken to new worlds of possibility.

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Give thanks to all teachers.
Coaches, mentors, instructors, counselors, friends, or family members.  

Guru Brahma,
Guru Vishnu,
Guru devo Maheshwara,
Guru sakshat, param Brahma,
tasmai shri guravay namah.

Guru is the creator, sustainer and the destroyer.
It is the transcendental divinity,
the timeless life-principle, the very essence of the creator.
I make my offering to Guru, the auspicious remover of my darkness and my ignorance;
My salutations of gratitude for that glorious teacher.