The first new moon of 2024 falls on Jan. 11th at 3:57am PT.  This lunar reset kicks off a cycle of new hope and future vision. There’s a growing regenerative energy within this new moon, and tuning into it can help you recalibrate and heal your nervous system. Seize this time to look within, recharge, and envision your year to come.

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The dark days leading up to it may feel challenging, but this new moon has a spark of hope that will brighten as the moon gets fuller later this month. Keep your heart open to new possibilities coming into your life.

This new moon falls in the area of the sky known as Purva Ashadha, the “invincible star.”  In Vedic Astrology, Purva Ashadha is symbolized by an elephant tusk, and is connected to the Hindu god, Ganesha, who is revered as the “Remover of Obstacles.” It is said that under the influence of Purva Ashadha there is no defeat.

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Fiery Mars also influences this new moon, amplified by the expansive and altruistic influence of Jupiter (in parivartana yoga). After January 11 is a good time for envisioning travel, education and activities that give a sense of adventure.

On January 14, one of the most ancient festivals on earth, Uttarayan (or Makara Sankranti) is celebrated in India with kites flown from rooftops. It’s said that this sacred day is a cosmic reset for the sun, and that when one flies a kite, a part of their spirit elevates towards the sun’s infinite possibilities.

If you feel lost, worried, or frozen in winter’s cold grip, connect with the sun and your inner truth now.  The daylight hours are already lengthening, and this new moon brings a promise of new light.

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