The New Year is kicking off with a powerful full moon this weekend. The moon will reach total fullness at about 9:00 pm PST on Sunday just as it enters the optimistic and expansive nakshatra of Punarvasu.   Punarvasu can be translated as “return of the light.”  It is the dawning of a new day after the stormy night of its neighboring nakshatra, Ardra.  

Punarvasu is easy to locate in the night sky.  It’s composed of the brilliant stars of Gemini, including the twin stars Castor and Pollux.  Castor and Pollux were stars known in antiquity to bring courage and success in new endeavors.

In Vedic astrology Punarvasu is symbolized by an arrow in its quiver.  An image that recalls Sagittarius, the sign who sits exactly opposite on the zodiac wheel. Benevolent Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is the ruler of Punarvasu as well.  Since Jupiter will be the ruler of both the sun and moon this Sunday evening the expansive and optimistic power of our New Year’s resolutions should be energized.  Make a wish and share your ideas with others.   The bright (ie: retrograde), exalted sidereal Jupiter will rise about two hours after the moon on Sunday and will be seen auspiciously following it, like a royal regent across the night sky.     

This full moon is ready for visionary action.   Travel plans and plans for changes of residence are supported.  Starting websites or investing in new technology will reap benefits.  The creation of a fitness regime and the playing of recreational sports are also favored in this nakshatra.   Spending time with spiritual teachers and groups will be inspiring.

This all may seem like a fabulous way to begin the year, but beware, the outer planets are showing a shadow side to this full moon.   The Pluto/Uranus square will be lining up with the sun exactly conjunct Pluto on Saturday.  If harnessed correctly we can use this conjunction to sharpen our willpower and cut into the mystery of what has been obstructing us.  But with Uranus squaring sun and moon, confusion can cloud our vision and our efforts can come in erratic spurts.  Try to open your mind to what may seem like an odd idea because solutions can come from unimaginable corners.  Be careful not to put the blame on others to avoid personal responsibility.

Also, Mars will be shifting from its exaltation in sidereal Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius on Sunday.   Mars will come out of the direct aspect (3rd dristi) of Saturn and slap him back with a dristi (10th) of his own.  A change that should relieve us from some of the grunt work we may have been burdened with in the last weeks, but also may deplete our overall productivity as well.  

Above all, use this auspicious full moon to harness the inspirational and imaginative powers of Punarvasu. Envision a plan for the year to come.   The expansive power of Punarvasu is ruled by the amiable mother goddess, Aditti.   Aditti means “boundless” and she tends all fertile ground where seeds are sprouting.    She is the mother of the pattern of unity in nature that creates and sustains us all.   Believe in the possibilities of the year to come and keep your eye on the prize.  Your yearly resolutions have the power to manifest this time into real change.