The full moon of Jan 17 (3:48 pm PT) rides a wave in the watery sign of Cancer.  This deep-feeling full moon has a nourishing influence on hearts and minds.

The full moon falls in the Vedic Nakshatra called Pushya, the star of nourishment. Symbolized by a lotus flower blooming through the mud, or the nourishing udder of a cow, Pushya’s divine influence accelerates spiritual growth.

Teachers, counselors, judges, and guardians of sacred traditions are energized by this full moon. Since Pushya is the home of the Vedic god Brihaspati—known as the guru, or teacher, of the gods—this full moon can amplify the importance of education and teachers in your community.

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This full moon is also supportive for psychotherapy and inner work. Venus and Mercury are both retrograde, and looking back and inward. When these planets are retrograde they dive into the glare of the sun, and it’s said at this time they are visiting the Underworld. This self-reflective influence is an opportunity to transform how you perceive your thoughts, and to change yourself from the inside out.

While Mercury Retrograde has a bad reputation, it often helps redefine and transform things in a refreshing way. This is also an excellent time to reformat, edit and improve any project you’ve had on the back burner. On Feb 3, Mercury will turn direct conjoined with transformative Pluto, triggering important endings and opening new chapters.

The goddess of love, Venus, will soon be seen rising in the morning where she will appear brighter than any other time this year. This is a critical time for relationships, artistic projects, and money.  New standards and boundaries are being set. Try to simplify your relationships and say no to things that complicate your life.

Venus turns direct on Jan 29, where she will soon come into battle with fierce warrior Mars.  Learn more about this in my upcoming blog, and find out more in the 2022 Forecast with Horoscopes, (pre-recorded on Dec 19).

How these influences affect you depends on your birth chart. Book a personal astrology reading me to learn more.