On January 25 at 9:54 am, a full moon in Cancer magnifies emotional courage and inspires positive action. This full moon shines a healing light into areas of our lives that need nourishment and support.

The full moon falls in the Vedic Nakshatra called Pushya, the star of nourishment. Symbolized by a lotus flower blooming through the mud, or the nourishing udder of a cow, Pushya’s divine influence accelerates spiritual growth.

Teachers, counselors, judges, and guardians of sacred traditions are energized by this full moon. Since Pushya is the home of the Vedic god Brihaspati—known as the guru of the gods—this full moon can bring attention to the importance of education and teachers in your community.

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Fiery Mars influences this moon, and is in a courageous and energizing alignment with Jupiter. This expansive influence improves learning and heroic acts of kindness.  Use this full moon for making future plans, particularly around travel or education.

With the mental energy of Mercury closely aligned with Mars, an important decision of discussion can arise.  Speak your mind, but steer clear of controversial subjects that may ignite unnecessary arguments, particularly from Jan 26-27 when Mercury and Mars heat up in a volatile graha yuddha (planetary war.)

Since December Mars has been in flammable Sagittarius where conflictive politics and war ignite.   Mars will transit into Capricorn on Feb 5, and introduce a new and possibly challenging phase for the collective and the unfolding conflict in the Middle East.

On a personal level, this full moon can be a transmuted toward healing and nourishment of body and mind.  Contemplate how you can nourish and support yourself and others who are in need at this time.

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