The beginnings look bright for Sandalphon Stars.  

At this very moment [7/29/14 at 6:09 pm] Lagna Lord Jupiter is exalted in the 8th house of mystic secrets and ancient knowledge.  He sits peacefully between the Sun and Mercury.  The Sun rules the 9th house of spiritual power and benefic guidance,  where the young waxing moon is being born in the wedding bed of Purva Phalguni.   This creates a powerful exchange (Parivartana Yoga) between the light of spirit and the occult forces of dream.      
Mercury is also there with them, the motor of quick mind and mass communication.  In this chart he is the ruler of the Dharmic 10th and 7th.   These righteous houses manifest form and commitment. 

The purpose of Sandalphon Stars will be to create new cyber connections to ancient wisdom.  Leaning in on the winds of innerspace where the grahas dance to the music of the spheres, we will find a way to create healing and empowerment in the tempest of this cyber sea.