The full moon of Oct 8-9 opens a portal to Lakshmi, the Vedic goddess of wealth and prosperity.  On this full moon, it’s said the night sky will be filled with nectar that rains down in Amrita Barkha, and enlivens 16 kalas, virtues of love, compassion, and courage.

Known in India as Sharad Purnima, Lakshmi’s potent shakti will infuse the moon’s rays with a healing and detoxifying effect on this night, so go out and catch some moonbeams to allow for abundance and harmony to flow more freely in your life.

Sweet, creamy liquids are especially absorbent of this auspicious moon nectar. To make your own nectar-charged “moon milk,” leave out a glass of sweetened milk of any kind – for instance, oat, almond, or dairy – on the night of the full moon, and share it with friends and family to increase health, wealth and prosperity. In India, they often use Kheer, a sweet milk rice pudding, which you can make at home.

This is also the full moon of the mystical rasa-lila, when Lord Krishna dances all night in ecstasy, and when time seems to stop for all who dance with him.

Positioned in sidereal Pisces, this full moon illumines the nourishing nakshatra of Revati, a star of refuge and guidance. Revati’s said to protect travelers, help recover lost items and guide missing animals home. With the expansive influence of luminous Jupiter (Jupiter is now brighter than it has been in years), alongside the beneficial aspects of Venus and Mercury, this full moon is supercharged with an expansive wisdom of Saraswati Yoga, making it an ideal time for education and the arts.

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Also, a rare Gajakesari yoga is occurring at this time, particularly around sunset on Oct 8, when Jupiter and the moon are rising together. This is an excellent moment for signing contracts, starting new projects, and committing to positive actions.

Brace yourself for eclipse season coming up. Venus, the goddess of love, money, and creative expression, is now making her descent into the fiery underworld of the sun and the eclipse shadow.  On Oct 25 combust Venus will join a solar eclipse, igniting a new and transformative cycle for love, relationships and financial structures.

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