The new moon of Sept 25 ignites the healing power of the goddess around the world. The 9 nights that immediately follow this new moon are celebrated as Navratri,  a time to invoke and honor the Divine Mother and the nurturing power of Mother Earth itself.  Read more here about this Hindu celebration of the demon-slaying goddess.

The new moon (2:54 pm PT) is in the area of the sky called Uttara Phalguni, a star of protection, unity and love.  A Vedic deity of connection, trust and commitment, Aryama, reigns here.   This new moon can help resolve relationship problems through strengthening ties with others, and bringing heart-felt feelings out to be cleared.

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Navratri always occurs near the equinox (Sept 22), when day and night are of equal length. This is a time when the polarities of light and darkness, life and death, and the masculine and feminine are in balance.  With the trio of goddess energies awakening around this new moon, this is an ideal time to reflect on where your feminine aspects may be wounded or shut off, and to rebalance the power dynamics between your masculine and feminine sides.

The influence of Saraswati Devi—Hindu goddess of wisdom, arts, and education—will also be felt around this time. From Sept. 25 – Oct 18, an alignment of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter will form what is known as “Saraswati Yoga,” a planetary alignment that magnifies creative intelligence and is a great time for learning, artistic expression, and starting educational programs. Join my upcoming Eclipse Horoscope Class.

Saraswati Devi’s nights of Navratri are Oct 1-4, 2022.

Mercury Retrograde has a deep impact at this time, particularly on Oct 2 when Mercury stations direct.  With its notorious miscommunications and unforeseen complications, Mercury Retrograde has a bad reputation, but it’s actually considered to be an auspicious influence according to Vedic Astrology. Mercury Retrograde can dive-deep into meditation, research, and retrieve information from forgotten realms. Use this time to organize your thoughts, journal, and try to see your past from another point of view.

During Navratri, a window of possibility opens for dissolving and letting-go of long-held karmic baggage.  Consider where you may have felt unmet, unloved, or  disrespected in life. Have you been trying too hard to please others by disregarding your feelings or allowing your boundaries to get crossed? With the healing power of the goddess rising on this new moon, it’s time to reclaim self-respect and compassion from the inside out.

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