On the full moon of Nov. 3 (10:22 pm PT), quiet the mind and listen carefully, as you may hear spirits whispering in the darkness. This luminous fall moon opens a secret portal to the spirit realm, allowing for a rare window of contact with what normally remains unseen.
Don’t be afraid to listen, as forgotten memories—or even past life memories—may resurface around this time. The veil of the physical world is growing thinner as the moon’s light waxes, and past grievances may emerge as the moonlight illuminates the darkest parts of our psyches. There is a wisdom in the air, as our ancestors lean in close to whisper secrets of the universe and soothe us with their spectral voices.
In Vedic Astrology, this full moon falls in the area of the sky known as Bharani nakshatra, the star of the womb, also known as the yoni star. Bharani symbolizes the divine feminine life force in its Tantric form, which deals with the power of sexual energy to heal and regenerate.

​From the womb to the tomb, Bharani is also the star of Yama, the Hindu god of death. A little like the grim reaper, Yama is responsible for collecting and directing those souls who have died toward a new womb and their ultimate rebirth.


Tibetan image: death and rebirth – Yama, god of death – upper left

Yes, it’s that spooky season of haunts and ghouls, Halloween, and the Witch’s New Year, when the ghosts rise up from their graves. In Mexico, people honor the the goddess of death with Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead celebrations, which last from Oct. 31 until Nov. 2. No matter where you live, this is a time to honor and remember the dearly departed. You may want to light a candle on the night of the full moon, or simply say a prayer of gratitude to those you love and miss.
In India, this full moon is considered one of the most holy of the year. Called the Kartik Purnima, thousands of lamps are lit by temples and on the banks of holy rivers to celebrate Dev Diwali. This is the auspicious full moon when Shiva destroyed the most dangerous demons in the universe, and saved the gods and all the world from oppressive darkness and ignorance.
The power of crisis and regeneration will be amplified even more fully on this full moon by a special configuration between forceful Mars and fast-moving Mercury, which yokes the sixth house of troubles to the eighth house of transformation. This influence can magnify hidden themes of death and loss, and the frightening ghosts of the past may emerge now. But fear not, as it’s simply an opportunity for healing, transformation, and liberation from long-held feelings of sorrow, grief, and regret.
Luckily, this full moon is also influenced by optimistic Jupiter and amorous Venus, a planetary combination that can help to open the heart and allow for meaningful connection with others. The days surrounding the full moon would be an excellent time for gatherings, whether social or spiritual in nature. Specifically, creative interactions, séances, and group psychotherapy are energized by this full moon.
While the theme of death can feel scary, if you are willing to bathe in its mysteries and accept guidance from the other side, you may find that its weight can lift and you’ll begin to feel lighter. The divine feminine power of the Bharani full moon is there to guide and energize your rebirth, whether it be creative or emotional, and to bring you to a new and better place.

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