PictureMay 21, Mars in the claws of the Scorpion (Anuradha) with the Full Moon. Saturn nearby in the heart of the Scorpion (Jyestha).

Hold on tight to your hearts, fierce ones, as the Full Moon of May 21, 2016 carries a jolt of raw creative power that can push you out of your comfort zone and empower you to speak your truth and walk your talk. Brace yourself for challenge, as this full moon unites in exact conjunction with courageous Mars, compelling a power that can catapult you in the direction of your ambitions and desires.
Retrograde Mars will reach a peak of apparent magnitude (or brightness) on the day following the Full Moon, and the red planet will shine its forceful light brighter than it has had since December of 2007. Although Mars may be less visible on May 21 from the glare of the Full Moon, his fiery influence will be felt more than ever on this moonlit night.
Mars and the Full Moon will be in the section of the sky, or nakshatra, known as Anuradha. Marked by the three stars in the constellation of Scorpio, Anuradha is symbolized by the weapon of a staff, but also as a lotus flower. The sweet flower of Anuradha grows from the murky depths of Scorpio’s aggression and once it blooms, it offers the spiritual qualities of friendship and devotion.
Blessed by the sun-god (aditya) of friendship and love, Anuradha’s power lies in its ability to befriend enemies and rally its allies together. Known as the “star of success,” Anuradha deploys the weapons of unwavering certainty and fearlessness. This nakshatra is one of the best positions for Mars to occupy because of its tremendous ability to bridle the unruly stallion of Mars and ride it with cool clarity and polite, yet penetrating, persuasiveness.
This Full Moon in Anuradha transmutes the fiercely competitive energy of Mars into a higher spiritual realm where love is the law. This is a potent time to connect with friends and family, and to come together to work in groups, especially those that pertain to fundraising and marketing. In Vedic astrology, this conjunction of Moon and Mars creates a union known as Chandra Mangala Yoga. This yoga, or union, increases our earthly desires and supports productive, money-making activities.
The dark side of this moon is its tendency toward aggression and impulsive behavior. Power issues and jealousies could arise around this time, particularly because Venus, which rules over relationships and has the power to balance testy Mars, is immersed in a transformational cycle and no longer visible in the sky. Intimate relationships are vulnerable to dysfunction now, so do not make hasty decisions about them. Saturn’s close proximity adds a tense and dangerous element as well, increasing stress and anxiety and possibly igniting explosive situations. For more on Saturn and Mars click here.
On May 22, the day after the Full Moon, Mercury, which has been retrograde since April 28, will go direct. This creates an opportunity for us to improve our communications skills and possibly smooth out misunderstandings with others. It is very important at this time to listen carefully to your own internal needs as well as to the needs of others. Try practicing non-violent communication by honestly sharing your feelings in a non-combative way.
Overall, Mars is on fire at this time, churning up the desire principle and lending an edgy, pushy feel to the next month. The best course of action would be to let go of the need for control. Hold to your vision and speak your truth, but let the universe determine how things will unfold. Also, according to Ayurveda, it is best to avoid consuming oily and spicy foods at this time, especially if you are prone to hyper-acidity or liver problems, as Pitta dosha is vulnerable.
On this Full Moon, tap into the warrior spirit of love to forge new alliances, create new streams of income, and dissolve any fears that may have been holding you back.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. This invigorating Full Moon can embolden your voice and push you to step up into new levels of self-empowerment. Use this opportunity to harness the magnified energy of Mars by claiming ownership of your truth while honoring the needs of others.

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