It’s time to rise up by rooting down. Falling in the midst of some rocky astrological weather, the Full Moon of June 17 (1:31 am PT) is an invitation to strengthen your root and learn how to stabilize amidst the chaos. The conditions are ripe for spiritual growth, releasing karmic knots, and deepening your inner core of self-respect.

Reaching fullness just three days before the Summer Solstice—the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere—this expansive Full Moon falls in the area of the sky known as Mula Nakshatra, or the Root Star. Symbolized by a tied-up bunch of roots, Mula is located at the center of our galaxy, where a mysterious black hole swirls.

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Mula is also the astral home of Nirrti, a fierce goddess of chaos and destruction who flies on a black crow through the kingdom of the dead. Like the goddess KaliNirrti beheads the demons of ignorance and oppression, severing our unconscious attachments to pain and suffering. You may feel physical and/or emotional pain arise around this Full Moon, but have faith that the pain is being felt so that it can be transformed and released.

The Mula Full Moon will peak at just one degree of sidereal Sagittarius, near a volatile point in the sky known as gandanta, or “the karmic knot.” Tensions—and tempers—may flare now, so be mindful not to react and create more negative karma through unconscious action. Use any conflicts that may arise as an opportunity to shore up your boundaries and remain calm. The less reactive you can be, the easier it will be to unwind any tight karmic knots.

Adding to the sense of tension, this Full Moon is sandwiched between the destructive forces of Saturn and Ketu, the tail of the karmic snake, and the uplifting, protective light of Jupiter in retrograde. While Saturn continues to ride Ketu, maximizing deep karmic lessons, willful Mars is being gripped by the jaws of Rahu, the head of the karmic snake. To find out more about how these factors affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one Vedic Astrology Reading now.

Further inflaming tensions, Mercury is also in the mouth of Rahu, creating a flammable mix of heat, pressure, and nervous impatience. Be sure to stay cool, drink lots of water, and be patient with yourself and others. Anything you can do to detoxify your system would be beneficial around this time, whether it’s taking a bath with Epsom Salts, or drinking a green juice.

In the days surrounding this Mula Full Moon, take time to meditate or engage in activities you find centering, such as listening to relaxing music or taking a gentle yoga class. You may also want to connect with nature and feel your connection to Mother Earth. This will help to strengthen your root, keeping you steady in volatile times, and deepening your sense of respect for your unique and precious Self. Only by rooting down can you rise up to meet the beautiful soul you are becoming.