Ana Rasha

The full moon of Oct 24, 2018 (9:45 AM PT) will shower down wealth, opportunity and spiritual insight that can nourish new growth for months to come.  This is a harvest full moon that’s full of potential for increasing prosperity, fulfillment and healing on all levels.

The full moon will be in the area of the sky called Ashwini, which is symbolized by a horse.  Ashwini is the first of the 27 Vedic Nakshatras and has the speed and agility of a racehorse.  This Ashwini full moon can break through blockages of hesitation and doubt, and send you galloping off into new and uncharted territory.
Ashwini is also connected to the healing power of the Ashwini Kumar, a pair of mythical twin brothers that served as physicians to the gods.  Ashwini has a special talent to energize the lifeforce called prana, and clear away the stagnation of depression and disease. The rays of this full moon can re-energize and rebalance pranic channels, helping to restore a sense of health, well-being and vitality.

In India this full moon is celebrated as Sharad Purnima, the birthday of the goddess of wealth and prosperity – Lakshmi. It is said that the sweetness of this goddess rains down like nectar from this full moon. Moon-bathing in Lakshmi’s celestial nectar is especially beneficial, as is wearing light creamy colors, and cooking sweet creamy liquids and rice.  Liquids and foods left to soak in the moonlight of Sharad Purnima are imbued with its healing powers.
Sharad Purnima is also the full moon of Lord Krishna’s ecstatic dance, the rasa lila.  It is said that on this night, Radha and the young village women (gopis), sneak out of their homes to blissfully dance with Lord Krishna for an evening that seems to last an eternity.
Take heed, fiery Mars aspects this full moon, along with an electrifying conjunction with planet Uranus, that could create a sharp emotional edginess to the atmosphere.  Be mindful of agitation and impatience in some people, and sensitive individuals may find it difficult to sleep, relax or focus at the task at hand.
Stoking the fire even more, passionate Venus is now retrograde and combust the sun. This could deepen a sense of passion, but also churn up doubts and fears around commitment, love, and money. When Venus is retrograde she disappears into the sun and rises about a week later in the morning sky.  This critical point in Venus’s 1.6 year cycle is a time for reconnecting with your authentic desires, inner truth, and personal boundaries.  Venus will be fully combust on Oct 26 and will rise as Morning Star in November. Learn more:  Your Venus Retrograde Horoscope.
This full moon is an opportunity for reflection and gratitude for what true love, wealth and health means.  Jot down a list of things and people that enriches and supports you now, then add your heart’s desire and stand ready and open to receive.  This full moon has the power to grant wishes, heal wounds, and increase prosperity at every level.
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