If you have been feeling troubled by the chaos of recent days, you are not alone.  Take heart, the full moon of Oct 5, 2017 will shower a much-needed dose of healing light on to your path.  This powerful harvest moon can open new and expansive opportunities in life, while dissolving shadows of doubt and fear.
The full moon will be in the auspicious area of the sky called Revati, the star of wealth.  Revati inspires peace and harmony, protects travelers and helps to recover things lost.  With the aspect of exalted Mercury, this a great time to take a journey, host a gathering of friends, or dream up new plans for the future.

Since mid-September, due to the influence of a formation called Serpent of Time, or Kala Sarpa Yoga, the aftermath of multiple hurricanes and earthquakes, and tragic events like the recent shooting in Las Vegas, has been amplified by the shadow serpent’s power (Rahu).  
Kala Sarpa Yoga is a difficult influence that can be transformative on a global level. The power of the Serpent of Time can instigate important turning points, trigger shifts in consciousness, and accelerate the pace of change.  Stay open to new ideas and game-changing solutions to problems in your life as they emerge now.

Known in India as Sharad Purnima, this full moon is said to open a portal to Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. Lakshmi’s divine feminine influence, or shakti, will infuse the moon’s bright rays on this night.  If the universe has seemed to be holding you back financially, or it’s felt like you’re running in place, this month’s full moon will provide just the remedy.


Lakshmi – Goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

It is said that Lakshmi showers the night sky with a rain of shakti known as the Amrita Barkha on this full moon. Moon-bathing in this celestial nectar is especially beneficial. To make your own shakti-charged “moon milk,” leave out a glass of sweetened milk of any kind (it doesn’t have to be dairy) under the full moon, and share it with friends and family to increase health, wealth and prosperity.
Take heed, for the days leading up to this full moon may be more charged than usual. Mars and Venus, the masculine and feminine archetypes, will come together to form graha yuddha, or planetary war.  This charismatic combination may be a little too close for comfort for the dynamic duo, sparking tense interactions and misunderstandings which can complicate relationships. 
On top of it all, heavy-hitting Saturn will be in a celestial twilight zone known as gandanta for the rest of the month. This unpredictable cusp position could set off a series of strange or unexpected events, especially later in October. Watch out for market instability, social tensions, and increased trouble in foreign relations.
This is an edgy time, but there is a whole host of positive opportunities that can come through the changes that are upon us.  The upcoming Revati full moon holds a blessing of hope and prosperity for is all.  Allow the restorative influence of its healing light to shower over your life through the days to come.

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