The full moon of May 22/23 is an enlightening event with a potentially frazzling edge.  If you’ve been under pressure lately or feeling out of sync, try slowing down and focusing on your breath.

The full moon is in the area of the sky called Anuradha nakshatra, the star of success.  Symbolized by a fragrant lotus flower that blooms from the murky depths, this full moon may be especially helpful for healing issues of self-worth, love, and trust.

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Take heed, fiery Mars is aligned with explosive influence of Rahu now, and impatience, frustration, and accidents are possible.  Try not to feel rushed in the process of change and take one step at a time.

Since the beginning of the month, expansive Jupiter and Venus, the planets of love and money, have disappeared (combust) in the rays of the sun, where karmic patterns are burned, tempered, and purified. Old self-images and concepts need to be shed here for a new chapter of the soul’s evolution to be born.

Jupiter and Venus are not only both combust on this full moon, but also tightly conjoined in planetary war. (graha yuddha).  In Vedic astrology, it’s said that Jupiter and Venus are the gurus, but of opposing forces.  This can feel conflictive, so be mindful of decisions you are being forced to make, and try not to over-commit yourself. A sharper awareness of your possibilities is around the corner.

This Anuradha full moon is also celebrated as Buddha Purnima, the birthday, and day of liberation of the Gautama Buddha. The Buddha taught mastery through steady focus of mind, and it’s said that after many years of suffering, he finally attained enlightenment on this May full moon; according to legend, he also died and was liberated from the Karmic cycle on this same lunar day.

Whether your goal is enlightenment, having kids, or buying a new car, the practice of meditation can help. It’s said that the power of meditation is enhanced around the full moon, so take time to sit and follow your breath for at least ten minutes a day. Be present with what is, and simply observe the emotions that may arise in your body.

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