Ready for a shift? The Full Moon of April 10, 2017 (11:08 pm PT) will bring a host of exciting—and possibly unexpected—opportunities, setting the stage for a new cycle of expansion and prosperity. This Full Moon has the power to boost personal fortunes and accelerate spiritual growth.
Falling in the area of the sky known as Chitra, which means “shining” or “ingenious,” this auspicious moon’s light will be chock full of positive change energy. Chitra is the abode of the master architect, Vishvakarma, who is said to be master of maya (illusion). Due to his influence in the sphere of design, this would be an ideal time to initiate any home improvements, or make changes to your appearance.
In a special cosmic alignment, the Full Moon is conjunct with Jupiter, the planet of good luck and protection, and also under the influence of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. Known as Gaja Kesari yoga, this rare alignment bodes well for spiritual, as well as all sorts of worldly activities, including business ventures and creative partnerships. It’s also a good time for rekindling old friendships, as Venus is retrograde.

PictureHanuman – devotee of Rama

In India, people celebrate this Full Moon as the birthday of Hanuman, the monkey god. The moon’s light can liberate us from the prison of the “monkey mind,” which craves constant distraction, and elevate our spirits to the higher plane of one-pointed devotion. Listening to, or repeating the Hanuman Chalisa mantra around this time will strengthen the Full Moon’s power, and bless those who hear it with clarity and wisdom. 
Just to slow things down a bit, however, four planets will simultaneously be in retrograde when the moon reaches fruition. From April 9-April 15, when Venus goes direct, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will all be in retrograde. In Vedic Astrology, retrograde motion, or vakri, amplifies and deepens the spiritual lessons of the planet, for better or worse.
Saturn’s retrograde cycle began on April 5, triggering the global instability and political tensions currently playing out in Syria. The recent chemical attacks and resulting U.S. airstrikes, for example, show Saturn’s influence in the violent, transformative area of the sky known as Mula—the Star of Destruction (Niritti). Saturn’s retrograde motion, which ends August 25, 2017, will continue to instigate deep shifts in social consciousness, calling us to double down on our commitments and duties. Read more about Saturn here.
From April 9 until May 3, 2017, Mercury will be in his infamous retrograde cycle, tripping up plans and delaying travel. At the same time, Venus will be in the final days of her transformative retrograde journey. Gone from the night sky, Venus can now be seen rising early in the morning as the brilliant “Morning Star.” Because of her close proximity to earth, she appears brighter now than at any other time in her 584-day cycle.
When Venus is in retrograde, light can shine through the darkness, laying bare our illusions, and allowing us to see—and ask—for what we truly desire. Doubts or questions about relationships, finances, and creative expression can all be resolved under her influence. Read more about how Venus retrograde affects you here.
Under this Full Moon in Chitra, don’t hold back — call in the next level of success, prosperity and evolution, and watch as the opportunities unfold.

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