Take a step over the edge. The full moon of July 8, 2017 (9:07 pm PT) radiates the light of inner-wisdom, with an added dose of invigorating courage.

This exhilarating full moon can propel you towards long-term ambitions and desires, if you are ready to receive its wisdom. Now is the time to connect with your inner guidance system and envision your future.

Known in India as Guru Purnima, this full moon pays homage to all teachers, and those “guiding lights” who have supported and encouraged you to expand beyond your limitations. The word guru means “teacher,” but literally translates as “dispeller of darkness.”   Remember your guides, as well as your own inner guru, who illuminates the wisdom and knowledge that lies deep within. 

In Vedic Astrology, the full moon falls in the lunar sign of Purva Ashadha, known as the “Invincible Star.”  Blessed with the promise of success, this full moon would be an auspicious time to start new projects or initiate key actions.


Symbolized by an elephant’s tusk, Full Moon in Purva Ashadha is connected to LORD GANESHA, the Hindu elephant god who has the ability to destroy the most stubborn obstacles.

The direct aspect of fierce Mars creates a wealth-giving yoga called Chandra Mangala. This influence can motivate brave new actions for self-improvement and open opportunities for new streams of income.

Apas, the ancient water goddesses of the Rg Veda rule over Purva Ashadha.  They are the spirits of our planet’s oceans, rivers and streams that constantly pour their life-giving and cleansing water across the earth. On this full moon, water has a special power to enhance intuition and rejuvenate the soul. Swimming or bathing under moonlight has an especially purifying effect on this auspicious full moon.
Take heed, the full moon is closely conjoined with the distant, transformative planet, Pluto.  In combination with volatile mars, this war-like influence could spark incidents of pushy or aggressive behavior, especially if there are unjust power dynamics at play.  Avoid confrontational situations and rowdy crowds.
Channel the fierceness of this full moon into becoming a warrior of wisdom and gratitude.  Thank your teachers, be they coaches, yoga instructors, advisors, counselors, friends, or family members. Take the time on Guru Purnima to remember and appreciate good advice and supportive encouragement that you have received in life. 
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