PictureThe full moon appears close to the bright star Regulus, the heart of Leo, the lion constellation.

The Full Moon of Feb 22, 2016 will shine through the mysterious veil that divides this world from the next.  Reaching complete fullness at 6:20 pm GMT, this bright moonlight can illuminate our origins and family histories by stirring up the old spirits of our lineages.  The ghosts of past generations, who watch silently over our lives, may be heard on this Full Moon night whispering wisdom and guidance.
The Full Moon will fall in the Vedic lunar sign (nakshatra) of Magha.   Translated asthe great one,” the bright star of Magha is found in the heart of the Leo the Lion constellation, and is symbolized by a royal throne.  This is the throne of the lineage of our ancestors and the karmic legacy they have left us. 
Because karmic patterns often repeat through generations, a great deal can be learned about oneself from the lives of grandparents and great grandparents.  This full moon offers self-understanding that can be gained by remembering and studying the stories of our ancestors.
This lunar sign (nakshatra) offers communication with the beings that serve as our “guardian angels,” the Vedic deities of the Pitris who were the original forefathers of life on this planet.  The highest concern of these celestial entities is to bring happiness and peace to all their descendants and to help them transit from one life to the next.  The grace and wisdom that comes through them will be transmitted by this full moon.


Pitra Dosh – worshiping ancestors

Because of Neptune’s deeply psychic aspect on the sun and moon, prayers to and communication with the souls of departed loved ones is supported at this time.   The shakti of this Full Moon is called the tyage kshepani shakti –  the power to leave the body.  This is an opportunity to open to a subtle influence from the astral world that promises a safe journey for the soul through the world beyond.
This Magha full moon is approaching bright Jupiter and shadowy Rahu, the head of the snake.  Since Jupiter gives guidance and clarity in philosophy and social activism, Rahu’s influence may exaggerate and flare up political and government propaganda.  Rahu sets the stage for grandeur and splendor, but with the risk of loss of democratic integrity.   There is a great deal of power and energy behind this full moon; however, its flashy and competitive nature could blind us to the weaknesses of leaders and their false promises. 
This astrological alignment also promises that the political and personal status quo will be challenged, enhancing the possibilities for social reform and personal philosophical renewal.  But, take heed, as this is a tricky time to navigate the long-term repercussions of actions and decisions.  The confusing influence of Jupiter and Rahu (called guru chandal yoga) will increase with the solar and lunar eclipses in March.
On February 20, Mars will enter sidereal Scorpio, initiating a rare and lengthy transit that continues throughout much of the year.  Mars and Saturn in Scorpio will give a stubborn, yet determined endurance, which can push our lives into territories that we may have previously feared to tread.  Watch out, as the power of this conjunction could also release pent up frustrations in a sudden and stressful way.  The areas of your life in which you will experience this intense focus depends greatly on how it aspects your birth chart. To fully understand how these transits affect you on a personal level – book a one-on-one astrology reading with me here.
Tap into your roots on this full moon and use its light to flash a new perspective on your past.  This is a time to consider the magnitude of energy that has been used to create the very foundations of what we have now. Honoring your achievements, as well as those of your family and friends will be greatly enhanced and appreciated. Connect to the guidance of the ancestor spirits, using the tension and power of this full moon to propel their wisdom and your vision forward.