PicturePUNARVASU – the twin stars in the constellation of Gemini, Castor and Pollux.

Are you ready for action? The full moon of January 12, 2017 (3:34 am PT) will deliver a powerful shot of positive energy, sparking fresh ideas and turning them into reality. If you’ve been frustrated by the slow pace of creation, take heart, because the momentum is about to pick up.
Aided by Mercury’s going direct on January 8, this full moon has the potential to boost personal fortunes and increase prosperity. It’s a fertile period marked by rapid connectivity, so be sure to carve out your vision — then watch as it unfolds in record time.
Falling in the area of the sky known as Punarvasu, which means “return of the light,” this full moon brings a much-needed dose of hope and renewal. The ancient fertility goddess Aditi, considered the Vedic mother of creation, is said to reside in Punarvasu. Her name translates as “boundless,” and she represents the field of infinite possibility.

The moon’s positive force also provides an important counterbalance to the seismic shifts underway right now. The world as we know it is being shaken up and rearranged, causing uncertainty and instability that could sink us, if we give in to fear. Stay in the present, keep breathing, and you’ll find that you can rise above the chaos.
Later this month, Saturn will end a three-year cycle and enter sidereal Sagittarius. The next three years will bring about profound changes for many, including immense renovations of the heart.
On a personal level, this munificent full moon can encourage the improvement of diet and exercise regimes. It also supports positive communication in relationships and constructive agreements in business. Venus will merge with spiritually-potent Neptune on the day of the full moon, allowing hearts to open and connections to deepen. Visual art and music may also provide exceptional inspiration around this time.
On a broader level, the full moon in Punarvasu has the power to inspire community action and innovative plans for the future. This is an ideal time to consider how you might become more involved in social and environmental causes you care about, for example, volunteering at an animal shelter, or writing to your congressperson about climate change.
Take heed, though, because while January’s full moon will jump-start the creation process, it may also increase nervous tension and bring about a tendency to over-think things. Since the beginning of the month, Venus and Mars—the feminine and masculine polarities—have been riding the tail of the shadow serpent known as ketu. This has put increased pressure on relationships, and may also have caused economic stresses or unforeseen troubles with vehicles.
As the mother of Vishnu, the Hindu creator god, the goddess Aditi is the creator of her own creator. Her regenerative power recalls how all of creation is constantly repeating itself, like the fractal patterns that appear throughout nature. On this full moon in Punarvasu, set your intentions, be clear about your goals, and let the universe take care of the details. You won’t be disappointed.

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