Holi, celebrated in India as the famous festival of color, arrives this year on the full moon of March 7, and brings with it a burst of heart-centered creative energy.

Colorful paints and powders are thrown to represent the coming of spring flowers and the vitality of life’s renewal.

Positioned in the tail of fiery Leo, this full moon has the power to renew creative passion and drive.  It’s also an auspicious occasion to initiate projects and plant seeds of intention.

The full moon (4:40 am) is in the area of the sky called Purva Phalguni, which is symbolized by a wedding bed or a ripe fruit. A star of fertility and life force energy,  this auspicious nakshatra symbolizes love, happiness, and fulfillment.  Purva Phalguni is also believed to be a sign of the divine marriage between the Sun (Surya) and the Moon (Soma).

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If you wish to strengthen relationships with friends or family, this full moon can repair fractured alliances, ignite new friendships, and inspire communal vision.

On the eve of Holi, bonfires are lit in the streets that burn until dawn. The fires of Holi symbolize the collective melting of ill-will and resentments that have accumulated in relationships and families over the year.

Furthermore, compassionate Venus and Jupiter are aligned in the mystic star of Revati, the tail of the cosmic fish (Pisces), further supporting forgiveness and healing.

Jupiter, the guru of the devas (the divine realm) increases generosity and kindness in Pisces. While Venus, the guru of the asuras (material realm), heightens passions in Pisces, and sparks a sense of universal love.

The alignment of these two gurus is a spiritual event that inspires exceptional artwork, poetry and music, and could spark important romantic connections. Intuitive hunches and empathic connections are more likely until Venus transits to Aries on March 11.

On this full moon, consider lighting a Holi fire to throw your past grievances into the flames. This is prime time to forgive others–and yourself, and look toward the future with a clean slate.

Holi is a most colorful party! Have fun and use this auspicious holiday to connect to your creativity, and awaken into a better version of you.

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