The Full Moon of Feb 27 shines a soothing light that can heal hearts and renew passion for life. This is the auspicious Maghi Purnima, when bathing in the holy river Ganges is said to cleanse karmic debts and fulfill all desires.

February was a month of  high pressure planetary alignments, dead locks, and deep freezes.  With Mercury Retrograde now moving forward, the unforeseen events of the last weeks are soon resolving. Take time to connect with your heart now and consider how you could enjoy life more fully.

The full moon (12:17 am) is in the area of the sky called Purva Phalguni, which is symbolized by a wedding bed or a ripe fruit. A star of fertility and life force energy, Lord Shiva himself, began his marriage procession under this auspicious nakshatra.  Purva Phalguni is also said to be the star of the divine marriage between the Sun (Surya) and Moon (Soma).

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Positioned in the tail of fiery Leo the lion, this full moon has the power to renew creative passion and drive.  It’s also an auspicious full moon to initiate projects and plant seeds of intention.

Purva Phalguni full moon can magnify the intensity of your connections with friends and family, as well as fan the flames of passion in intimate relationships. If you’ve been feeling isolated or disconnected from loved ones, this full moon can begin to melt the ice, and help you find ways to connect with others, despite obstacles.

With the goddess of love, Venus, also aspecting this full moon, relationship (or the lack of) may come into strong focus. Venus morning star has disappeared into the rays of the sun and will be fully combust on March 26. This is a transformational influence for friendships, love relationships, artistic expression, and financial matters.

Purva Phalguni full moon opens all sorts of healing channels for heart and soul. Take time to connect with what is beloved to you, in whatever form, within and without.  Self-care, like taking a hot bath with epson salts or doing a relaxing creative activity is a powerful way to use this full moon.

The month of March promises a restorative and stabilizing improvement and with the auspicious dark moon of Shivaratri around the corner March 11, this is an optimal time to focus on greater peace and spiritual growth. To learn more book a one-on-one Vedic Astrology Reading.

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