The full moon of Sept 10 (3:00 am PT) opens a line of communication with the realm of the ancestors. It’s the last full moon before the equinox on Sept 22, and the beginning of Mercury Retrograde. A season of spirit is beginning now, and with it comes an offering of guidance from the world beyond.

The full moon is in the area of the sky called Purva Bhadrpada, the “blessed feet,” a nakshatra that ignites feelings of devotion and selflessness. Feet are symbolic of humility and service, and feet-washing/anointing ceremonies have long been considered a rite of honor, and a way of calling in guidance and protection.

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Mercury Retrograde begins on Sept 9, making this full moon a potentially hazardous time for electronics, travel and communications. On the positive side, Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time to review, get back to unfinished business and  reconnect with old acquaintances.

Mercury is a traveler and communicator between worlds, and it’s said Mercury can visit the realm of the dead and return with messages from the underworld.  With energizing Jupiter and mysterious Neptune opposing Mercury through October, there’s an extra potency to activities like hypnosis, deep meditation, and ancestral healing rites.

In Vedic tradition, the 2 weeks that follow (Sept 10 – 26), are called the Pitru Pakshathe fortnight of the ancestors. As the moon wanes (grows smaller) the veil that separates the world of the living from the dead grows thinner.  This is an ideal time for remembering, honoring, and healing relationships with loved ones who have passed away.

During this time you could create an alter with photos or keepsakes of deceased family members or friends, or make donations to charity in their name. Listen carefully for subtle messages from the spirit world at this time.

The spirit world speaks through nature, wind, birdcalls, and animal appearances.  Sometimes a meaningful song plays on the radio, a lost item appears, or a dream brings an important message from the other side.

Found near the end of the Zodiac, Purva Bhadrapada Full Moon is symbolized by the end of the soul’s journey and the cremation pyre.  It’s said that among the stars of Purva Bhadrapada dwells an ancient fire dragon (naga) that breathes flames of transformation and sets spirits free to depart from this earth.

As the summer comes to an end, it’s time to honor the past and get ready to burn away what is no longer needed.

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