Like a vicious snake waiting to bite, the full moon lunar eclipse of Feb. 10, 2017 will be coiled with tension. But while its venom may taste bitter at first, the snake’s poison can deliver a powerful dose of spiritual medicine.
With its shadow visible from 6:14 to 9:14 p.m., this polarizing eclipse will churn the karmic oceans of global consciousness, creating tectonic shifts on both a literal and personal level. It has the potential to spark sudden, radical changes, and its potent effects may be felt for days, or even weeks, on either side.
True liberation doesn’t come without a sting—the universe, after all, is composed of dark and light, pleasure and pain—and sometimes we need a sharp pair of fangs to wake us up.
Falling in the area of the sky known as Ashlesha, the Snake Star, this fang-toothed eclipse has the power to not only show us our illusions, but to shatter them as well. Ashlesha is the cosmic abode of the naga-snakes, a breed of dangerous, fire-breathing snake-dragons with split tongues. Naga snakes are known to slither through the deepest layers of the underworld, and are capable of shape-shifting. They are also adept at Tantric practices.
Power struggles and conflicts in personal relationships may arise around this time, causing painful rifts and reopening old wounds. The mind is likely to get tangled up in emotions, so be careful to temper its agitation with prayer, meditation, or a soothing bath with epsom salts.
With Jupiter’s aspect on the sun and the communicative planet of Mercury, this could be a prime opportunity to hold space for yourself and others, and to allow for troubling blind spots to be exposed. But take heed, because if his power is not checked, the split-tongued Ashlesha can cause serious and unnecessary damage. Pay closest attention to situations that may trigger your insecurities.

“Churning Of The Milk Ocean” – oil painting by Prateep Khotchabua

Where there is conflict, there is also creative potential, and the opposing poles of this eclipse lend it its wisdom and power. Long ago, the angels (devas) and the demons (asuras) are said to have used the friction generated by their adversity to churn the cosmic ocean of milk with the great snake Ananta as a rod.
Ananta’s churning stirred things up, and likewise today, his rod can agitate the unconscious mind, laying bare our innermost fears, ambitions, and addictions. Like the amrita, or nectar, that sprang from the cosmic ocean as a result, this eclipse can create the right conditions for a powerful cure to emerge.
In a tricky paradox, the eclipse’s poison and its medicine are differentiated only by their dosage. Be sure to use caution if you are taking psychedelic drugs or entering trance-like states, as unwanted Kundalini experiences may be triggered. Unclear sexual energy could also cause confusing interactions around this time.

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