Hold on tight! The full moon lunar eclipse of August 7, 2017 is shaking up foundations and calling for a radical reset of the heart. If you are ready to take a walk on the shadow side, this lunar eclipse opens a gateway to transformative self-understanding that can continue to grow for months to come.
Eclipses accelerate spiritual growth and social evolution, often by creating some kind of crisis or shake-up in the life. The days surrounding an eclipse can feel exciting, stressful and overwhelming. Life-turning events often occur, simultaneously as the inner shadows of doubt and confusion set in.
This partial lunar eclipse will be visible in much of Europe and Asia, but not in North America – and preludes an historical solar eclipse of great magnitude, the Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21.
The August 7 lunar eclipse will join with Ketu, a shadow planet known to be the most spiritual and detached of all nine planets in Vedic Astrology.  Ketu is a headless serpent, whose shadowy tail will graze the moon in the area of the sky known as Shravana.   This Vedic lunar mansion is called “the ear of god.” It magnifies our ability to hear subtle messages from the universe, and our inner guidance systems as well.
The goddess Saraswati, who plays a musical instrument called the Veena, resides in Shravana. It is said the sound of her music dissolves the mind and raises the soul of the listener to heaven.  Now is the time to listen carefully to yourself and others. There is a silent hum of truth and beauty under the roar of the uncertainty and doubt of this eclipse. Words heard and spoken now have a powerful influence to shape the future.
Take heed, fiery Mars is in the debilitating waters of cancer and is directly aspecting this lunar eclipse. Frustrations and flaring tempers could spark impulsive and reckless actions in some people. Avoid consuming alcohol and stay clear of drama-prone situations.
Listen carefully to the winds of change as they pick up speed in the days to come. In Vedic astrology, it is generally advised to avoid making long term commitments at this time; however, if change is inevitable this is often the moment that the dam will break.  Shravana lunar eclipse will break the silence of stagnation and allows for honest, compassionate communication.  Now is the time to drop into your heart and hear your spirit call.


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