The Full Moon of June 9, 2017 (6:10 am PT) will shine a light into a well-spring of strength and power.  If you have been feeling overwhelmed by others or trapped in undesirable situations, now is the time to regroup and take charge of your life.  This full moon will liberate you from unfair and demanding relationships, if you are ready to own your power.
The full moon will be in the area of the sky called Jyestha Nakshatra. Also called the “Queen Star” or “Chief Star,” Jyestha is a glimmering red super-giant located in the heart of the Scorpion constellation. 


Jyestha Star is a bright red super-giant located in the heart of the Scorpion constellation. Antares – rival of Mars.

Jyestha Devi is the Vedic goddess that dwells in this area of the sky. She symbolizes the power of seniority and respect, especially the respect given to the eldest wise women in a community.

Jyestha is the celestial oldest sister and senior wife venerated within families and societies of ancient times. Unfortunately, she appears to have been demonized and degraded over the ages and is now compared to Alaksmi (the elder sister of Lakshmi), the goddess of misfortune, disease and sorrow.
The full moon in Jyestha can energize the empowerment of women and men alike, to rise up and overcome oppressive situations and beliefs.  Jupiter will station direct on this full moon, amplifying inner wisdom and the realization of innate strength.  Be open to unexpected gifts and blessings in the weeks to come.
Take heed, for this full moon is closely positioned to troubled Saturn. Like a heavy weight on the heart, Saturn can sometimes amplify regrets and old grievances.  Use the serious and reflective influence of Saturn to gain strength and clarity by stepping into responsibility for past mistakes.

Retrograde Saturn is shining at high magnitude and is passing back into the gandanta zone, or karmic knot, that he transited last January 2017.  The chaotic and transformative degree of this rare position of Saturn continues a process of deconstruction on many levels.  Saturn on the gandanta may feel threatening and uncertain. It disturbs the status quo and exposes cracks in foundational beliefs, but it also opens a portal for accelerated regeneration.  Read more about this Saturn’s influence on your sign here : SATURN – Shifting Foundations in 2017.
Full moon in Jyestha is a call to claim personal power and become the queen or king of our lives. This is a time to face fears and also realize strengths. Rise up and own your power, while lifting others up to do the same.

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