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PictureShiva’s divine dance of creation and destruction : the Tandava

Listen up, can you hear the drum beat? The full moon of August 18, 2016 (2:27 am) is breaking through the silence with the healing sound of a cosmic drum. This late summer full moon will enhance our powers of perception, allowing us to hear answers and perceive truths with profound clarity.
Kicking off a six-week cycle of transformative, karma-clearing eclipses, this full moon will connect us to our most heartfelt desires and accelerate the pace of change in our lives. Shining in the area of the sky known as Dhanishta, symbolized by a drum or a flute, it will magnify the subtle and transfixing power of music, highlighting its ability to uplift our spirits and spark a new beat.
Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, is often depicted dancing wildly while playing his drum. His frenzied dance is perfectly choreographed in time to its beat. This full moon offers the wisdom of Shiva’s wild, yet perfectly harmonized celestial music. Dhanishta inspires passionate expression and powerful speech, enhanced by its knack for perfect timing. 
In recent weeks the dead weight of Saturn’s heavy anchor may have caused delays, failures, or dead ends, leading us to feel as if the obstacles in our path are insurmountable. But take heart, as this full moon will provide a much-needed antidote to the inertia of Saturn’s stationary influence. Use this full moon to unhook yourself from any holding patterns or hesitations that may have kept you stagnant.
Dhanishta also supports opportunities to increase wealth, and this marks a powerful time to call in financial abundance. Affirming your intentions by speaking them aloud will have a positive effect, as will reciting mantras and saying prayers. It would also be an auspicious time for sound healings, music therapy, or stepping out on the dance floor.
Take heed, though, for while this is not a true eclipse and won’t be visible to the naked eye, the full moon will join the shadow demon, Ketu, the following day. This may distort and confuse our experience and could create unexpected outcomes. Be especially mindful of miscommunication with romantic partners and friends of the opposite sex.
Later this month, Mars, the aggressive planet of ambition, and Saturn, which represents the stubborn power of determination, will come together for the climax of a violent and explosive seven-month transit. From August 22 until August 26, Mars and Saturn will be in such close  proximity that they will engage in what is called planetary war in Vedic Astrology. This short window would not be a good time to travel, engage in risky behaviors, or initiate important activities. 
Drums keep rhythm and so do our hearts. The full moon of Dhanishta increases the power of music over our hearts and minds, helping us to harmonize with the cyclical patterns in our lives. The influence of this full moon can spur us to action, reenergize our purpose, and if we listen closely, whisper clear answers to our most pressing questions.

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