Elisabeth Fredriksson

The full moon of Nov 22 (9:40 pm pt) cuts through the dark with a fierce light of truth, clarity, and love.  Now is the time to step into a transformative new level of courage, self-respect, and authentic creativity.
The full moon is in the area of the sky known as Krittika, marked by the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation of Taurus. Known as the “star of fire,”  Krittika burns through stagnation, clutter and confusion. Also called the star of the spiritual warrior, Krittika is symbolized by a sharp and fiery blade that cuts to the chase, while exposing hypocritical, inauthentic or even self-sabotaging behaviors.

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Agni, the Vedic god of fire, dwells in Krittika. Fire has long been worshiped for its mysterious power to transform what it touches into pure light and heat.

Fire is also a terrible force of destruction and chaos, when left out of control. This malevolent face of fire is clearly being demonstrated now in the most deadly and destructive wildfire season of California history. Here’s a way you can help victims of the wildfires.


AGNI – God of Fire: Red-hued and having two faces—one beneficent and one malevolent.. Rides a ram.

Since ancient times the two-faced power of fire to purify and destroy has been feared and simultaneously held sacred.  In a Vedic fire ceremony (homa), fire serves as the mouth of the gods and goddesses which are fed with offerings of devotion and prayer.

Be aware that tempers could flare up on this full moon, lending ample opportunity for conflicts to arise with relatives, or strained interactions around the Thanksgiving table. And with expansive Jupiter now combust the sun, opinions can be more extreme than ever. To avoid any unwanted holiday drama, try not to be critical of others and bring an extra dose of compassion to the table.

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On top of it all, Mercury Retrograde began on Nov 16,  so brace yourself for  frustrating delays and miscommunications. Now is a good time to review and revise your plans thoughtfully.  Things will pick up speed after Mercury station direct on the Dec 6 (which is also the next new moon.)
In India, Krittika full moon is called Kartika Purnima, and is celebrated as the day Lord Shiva, the destroyer, slayed the fierce demon Tripurasura.   What demons (bad habits, blind spots, and negativities) are you ready to eliminate from your life?
On this full moon, write down your troubles, hopes, or fears, then burn the paper in a fireplace. Or just visualize feeding a sacred fire with any frustration, grief, or negative belief that has kept you down. Watch the flames transform your thoughts into pure energy of truth and light.

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