Ready to cut loose and try something new?  If you have been feeling bogged down in your creative process or having trouble staying inspired, the super moon of Dec 3, 2017 (7:47 am PT) can spark fresh ideas and place unexpected opportunities on your path.  This is a full moon for lovers, artists, and all those who think out of the box, to stake a claim on freedom and self-expression.
In Vedic astrology, the full moon falls in the area of the sky known as Rohini and is symbolized by a bull pulling an overflowing cart of fruit. This full moon carries the abundance of earth and the promise of fulfillment. Rohini is the divine feminine shakti that energizes all things to grow, literally and metaphorically.

Rohini is Aldebaran, a bright red giant star symbolizing the eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus.

Rohini means “Red Lady,” and is the moon’s favorite wife and muse. Her blissful influence gets the creative juices flowing and connects us to our uniqueness and originality.  Rohini moon is especially inspiring for artists, entertainers and musicians. An aspect from romantic Venus makes this an ideal full moon for dating, reconnecting with loved ones and enjoying music and dance.
On top of it all, this full moon creates a rare and auspicious alignment called Chandra Adhi Yoga (Adhi = first/unequaled) that will amplify the full moon’s influence. Latent talents and forgotten passions could awaken at this time, if we are ready to take a step into uncertain territory. This could be the perfect moment to start a creative project, pick up a musical instrument, or try a new way of expressing yourself. 
However, the influence of Mercury Retrograde may crimp this full moon’s style for some.  Especially from November 26 -30 and December 4 – 7, when Mercury closely joins depressive Saturn in a challenging formation called planetary war (Graha Yuddha).  Doubt and pessimism may crowd in at this time and cast a shadow onto the value of our words and actions.   On a socio-political level, free-flying Mercury and censoring Saturn’s planetary war is at play through the harrowing fight for net neutrality and the freedom of speech and marketing on the internet.

Mercury is retrograde Dec 2 – 22.  Well known to delay travel, slow down transactions, and cause misunderstandings, retrograde Mercury can ultimately improve and refine communication skill. This is a time to retrace steps, reconnect with old friends, and improve business and work strategies. Focused concentration and deep study is also supported at this time by the added influence of scrutinizing Saturn.

Stay open and flexible now and remember that important epiphanies are often had when things seem the most uncertain. Under the fertile light of Rohini full moon innovative solutions are around the corner and paths to growth and fulfillment can open in the month to come.

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