Anna Vincitorio

Trying to find equilibrium? The full moon of Sept 20 (4:55 pm PT) has a much-needed dose of balanced wisdom.  This is the last full moon of summer (in the northern hemisphere) and falls just 2 days before the equinox— the point when day and night are in perfect balance.

The full moon will be in the area of the sky called Uttara Bhadrapada.  Bhadra is “blessed, lucky,” and pada means, “feet” which are symbolic of humility and devotion, and are the foundation on which we stand. Positioned at the end of the Zodiac, in sidereal Pisces, Uttara Bhadrapada heightens intuition, empathy, and acceptance.

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Now is the time to honor the cycle of life, death and rebirth. This full moon ignites the Pitru Paksha – the fortnight of the ancestors. The following two weeks, spanning from the full moon back to the new moon (Sept 20 – Oct 6) is a time to honor and remember those we have lost.  It’s said that the veil of the spirit world is thin now. This is a potent time to heal ancestral karma and connect with spirit guides.

If things seem especially frustrating or blocked for you now, keep the faith.  Expansive Jupiter is retrograde and backtracking through stern and restrictive Capricorn. Jupiter and Saturn’s rare 2020 conjunction in Capricorn has coincided with the pandemic, social upheaval, and increased stress from climate change.  In its wake, a heightened focus and resilience is growing. A turnaround begins in mid-October when Jupiter and Saturn go direct.

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Take heed, combative Mars is now burning in the rays of the sun (combust), enflaming power struggles and creating defensiveness.  Mars will be combust through the month of October, so try to stay cool and avoid flammable situations, particularly after Mercury goes retrograde on Sept 26.

Use this equinox full moon energy to gather your thoughts, honor your ancestors, and evaluate where you’re headed.  Peace-loving Venus is strong now in Libra, the sign of equilibrium, so take advantage of this balanced wisdom.  How could you hold the paradox of conflicting points of view, seemingly incompatible desires, or polarizing realities together in an attitude of unity and acceptance?

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