If you’ve been thrown out off balance lately by unexpected twists, turns, and fiery interactions, take a look up at the full moon. The abundant harvest moon of Sept 24 (7:52 pm PT) falls near the equinox, a time of clarity, equilibrium and insight. This is the moment when the powers of darkness and light come into perfect balance.
The full moon will be in the area of the sky called Uttara BhadrapadaBhadra is “blessed, lucky,” and pada means, “feet” which are symbolic of humility and devotion, and are the foundation on which we stand.  Uttara Bhadrapada is the star of the wise, humble, and compassionate heart.   It gives heightened intuition, sensitivity, and the awareness of subtle realms beyond.
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Social activities, especially those involving musical, artistic, and creative self-expression are excellent ways to channel this full moon’s power.  Try playing a musical instrument, dancing, or painting with watercolor.  Expansive Jupiter’s alignment with socially-minded Venus helps deepen personal connections and build trust in business alliances.
Take heed, critical and self-effacing Saturn is strong on this full moon.  Feelings of doubt, guilt, and disempowering beliefs that may be blocking your path, could come up now to be integrated and healed.

Also, fiery Mars continues to tread on the shadowy tail of the eclipse snake – Ketu. Tempers may be short as the courage to speak and act surges forward.  Just like the shadow of an eclipse, Ketu’s effects can be strange and shocking, so mind you don’t step on the shadow snake’s tail, and listen carefully to others.

Take advantage of this dynamic time to center yourself and connect with the power of forgiveness, compassion, and radical self-acceptance. Uttara Bhadrapada is symbolized by a funeral pyre that burns away earthly attachments and liberates us completely from the past.
The deity of this full moon is a mysterious serpent named Ahirbhudhnya that sits coiled at the bottom of a deep sea.  Like the Kundalini serpent asleep at the base of the root chakra, this water dragon of the underworld protects hoards of jewels, treasures, and precious life energy.  It also provides a stable foundation that sustains life and allows us to continue to grow and evolve.
The harvest moon is a time to reap the fruit (punya) of our past deeds and actions.  Uttara Bhadrapada is said to have the power to “bring down cosmic rain,”  release tension, and nourish spiritual growth.  There’s much potential now for acceptance, forgiveness, and surrender to flow forward into new understanding.

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