Tired of the same old story?  Time to rewrite the script. The full moon of April 19 (4:12 am PT) expands horizons and gives a fresh perspective on what is truly possible in life, if you are ready to dive in and look.

Falling in the area of the sky known as Chitra, the “diamond star of opportunity,” this full moon opens doors to hidden channels of creativity and growth.   Chitra means “shining” or “ingenious,” and is the abode of the master architect, Vishvakarma, a deity who inspires new ideas and inventions. 

Vishvakarma is also said to be the master of maya (illusion) and the creative process. Due to his influence in the sphere of design, this would be an ideal time to initiate home improvements, creative art projects, as well as visualize how to build your dreams.

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On April 15, Venus joined analytical Mercury in the mystical sign of Pisces. This duo will stimulate compassion in communication, as well as awareness of emotions that can help improve relationship dynamics through May 3.  This is an excellent time for connecting with poetry, music, and all kinds of healing self-expression.

Take heed, retrograde Jupiter is crossing a volatile and chaotic area of the sky now.  Teachers, politicians, and religious organizations are under heavy pressure, as guru Jupiter crosses Mula, a star with a powerful goddess of destruction within it. 

Jupiter’s signature energy is found strongly in temples and churches, and the recent catastrophic burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was a sign of Jupiter’s volatile and precarious position.  Old beliefs and power dynamics are unraveling and burning away now, and the tables may turn as he crosses the threshold of the karmic knot (gandanta) on April 22.

The karmic task-master, Saturn, will go retrograde on April 25, joining the thrashing tail of Ketu, the eclipse snake (south node).  Saturn and Ketu are opening a dynamic portal of transformative insight that will stimulate spiritual growth and self-understanding through January 2020. 

In India this full moon is also celebrated as the auspicious Hanuman Jayanti, the birthday of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god. Hanuman illuminates the infinite strength and courage we hold within us when we are resolved in faith, love and devotion to helping others in need. Listening to the Hanuman Chalisa at this time can transform the negative and exhausting influence of Saturn and Ketu into positive and energizing selfless service.

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