Where do you belong? The full moon of May 18 (2:11 pm PT) is a Blue Moon with the power to heal the heart and re-connect to your true path.

This full moon is called a “seasonal Blue Moon,” which is the third of four full moons this spring. Full of promise, the blue moon falls in the area of the sky called Anuradha, the Vedic “star of success.”

Symbolized by a staff (weapon), Anuradha is also the star of the lotus flower. The flower of Anuradha grows in the muddy depths of Scorpio’s mysterious waters. Once it blooms, it offers the spiritual qualities of love and devotion.

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Under this full moon, strengthening relationships and defining healthy boundaries is highly supported. Anuradha is the celestial home of the sun-god of friendship and love, Mitra.  This benevolent deity radiates the sense of belonging and connectivity within families and communities. Anuradha’s special power lies in its ability to find commonalities among differences, and connect us to a greater sense of unity and self-acceptance.


The constellation of Anuradha is marked by three stars in the fierce claws of Scorpio.Expansive and generous Jupiter, who is now retrograde and gaining in power and magnitude, joins the full moon.  This conjunction is called Kesari yoga, and transmits the protective power of a lioness.  It’s an excellent time to work in groups for social welfare, environmental issues, improved education, as well as fighting for the immediate happiness and well-being of your family and friends.

But take heed, there’s some stormy astrological weather in the weeks to come. Fiery Mars has joined the head of the snake Rahu, in an unprecedented alignment that is accelerating transformative karmic clearing and cleaning on many levels.

Waves of volatile reactivity and emotional pressure could feel overwhelming to some individuals, and depending on how it aspects your chart, can create powerful transformative experiences.  Make an extra effort to stay patient and calm in communication and travel in the weeks to come, particularly in June when Mercury joins Mars and Rahu.  To learn more about how these influences affect you, book a Vedic Astrology Reading.

Realistic Saturn and illusion-shattering Ketu have a lot of transformative influence on the world right now.  Since May 8, these two shadowy forces have joined in the energetic star of Purva Ashadha, where they will remain for the rest of the year.   It may not be possible to ignore or make excuses for ongoing problems or dysfunctional relationships, but a creative power is gaining momentum for new and sustainable solutions.

Mindful Mercury is completely combust the sun on May 21, giving this full moon a unique power to deconstruct preconceived notions and ideas. Be aware of the possibility of miscommunication now, and stay open for totally new and surprising information in the weeks to come.

This full moon is celebrated as Buddha Purnima, the birthday of the Buddha who taught illumination through the steady focus of mind. Like the powerful focus of a warrior, this rare Anuradha blue moon emanates courage to step forward into new realms of relationship and belonging.

Remember that the very act of dealing with fear often is the attainment of fearlessness. Use this full moon to connect to the unwavering certainty and fearlessness that is always within you.
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