The full moon of Sept 6, 2017 (12:03am PT) envelops the world in a powerful healing light that will shine with new hope into the days to come. The light of this full moon is imbued with a gentle power of insight, allowing for expanded awareness by curing blind-spots that limit perception. If you have been feeling lost, or hesitating at a crossroads, this full moon offers an opportunity to reconnect with your path in a renewed sense of clarity. 
The full moon is in the area of the sky called Satabhisha, which translates literally as “100 healers,” and is found within the constellation of sidereal Aquarius. The purifying waters of Aquarius pour through these stars and into the deep cosmic ocean of the night known as the Milky Way. The mysterious waters of Satabhisha are a cosmic river through which descends a primordial healing power unmatched by any other this year.
Satabhisha is also called the “veiling star” because of its powerful ability to cloak (and uncloak) the mysteries of life. Satabhisha full moon gives a special ability to dance with the unknown, diagnose and cure misunderstood ailments, and expose secrets that have long kept us in the dark.  Important revelations may be bubbling up now, and truth may be brought into the light in the weeks to come.
The full moon in Satabhisha offers awareness that can free you from self-destructive patterns, such as addiction, insecure attachments, and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Much like the Greek god Neptune, VARUNA is the Hindu god of the ocean and the underwater world that dwells within SATABHISHA. Art thanks to Pieter Weltevrede

Neptune is tightly conjoined this full moon, giving the subtleties of spirit a power-boost and magnifying emotional sensitivity.  Energy workers, shamans, and those that work with subtle channels of healing are especially energized under this full moon.
Take heed, for retrograde Mercury stations direct on Sept 5 at the transformative degree of Magha – the Lion’s Heart (where the solar eclipse occurred on August 21). This volatile degree of the Zodiac may trigger sudden turning points and/or profound realizations that can seal the deal on decisions that may have been up in the air. Mercury continues to be under the influence of forceful Mars throughout the month, so
try be patient, practice diplomacy, and travel mindfully.
On this full moon, focus on a feeling of wholeness that holds you safe and protected under its light. There is infinite renewal and realignment of spirit available to you now if you look to see beyond the veil of your expectations. 

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