Feel like you’ve been under fire lately? Since last month’s topsy-turvy eclipse season, unplanned for changes may have you questioning which way’s up. The new moon of May 19, 2023 brings a fiery new light on your path.

According to Vedic Astrology, the new moon (8:53 am pt) falls in Krittika, a Vedic star symbolized by a razor-sharp knife.   This new moon can cut through the fog of self-doubt and confusion, and set you free to recreate yourself. This is an excellent time for bold actions of improvement, creative projects, new health regimes, and decluttering your home.

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Krittika new moon is ruled by the sacred fire god, Agni, who has long been revered in Vedic fire rituals. Fire consumes, purifies and sublimate what it touches. Use this new moon to connect to your inner fire.

Clean out your closets, sift through drawers, and let go of items you no longer use. Consider donating them to a thrift store or giving them to a friend who may benefit. By cleansing your physical space, you create room for new energy to flow.

Fire is destructive, but it sparks creativity, vision and clarity, as well.  In the days surrounding this Krittika new moon, try setting intentions by visualizing what you desire while gazing into a candle flame, or fireplace.

The waning dark moon of May 18 (the day before the new moon) is also the birthday of Lord Saturn –Shani Jayanti. Known as the lord of justice, or Father Time, Saturn is the most important planet for spiritual growth and maturity.  The hours leading up to this new moon are a potent time for spiritual practices like fasting, meditation, and selfless acts of service.

Take heed, expansive Jupiter is now turning up the heat in sidereal Aries.  On May 26, Jupiter will conjoin Rahu, the eclipse snake — a potentially dangerous time that could catalyze a critical breakthrough. How this transit of Jupiter affects you depends on how it aspects your Vedic chart.

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