The Full Moon on February 5th  (10:30 am PT) is a spiritually-charged turning point in Vedic Astrology.  Called Magha Purnima, this sacred full moon has an expansive influence of Jupiter, making it one of the most auspicious moments of the year for starting projects and setting intentions.

Full Moons are often a time of heightened creative energy and spiritual power, and Magha Purnima is said to multiply the good karma gained from selfless acts of kindness and charity.

This year Magha Purnima falls in Cancer, in the highly sensitive star of Ashlesha,  the “snake star.”  It’s said that snakes have venom that can harm as well as heal and that this full moon has the fierce power to magnify the potency of medicine.

Ashlesha full moon is an excellent time for focusing on healing and detoxing.  Ashlesha full moon can shine a light of awareness into the unconscious shadows of negativities that affect health, peace and happiness.

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On a side note, this Full Moon also has a challenging square aspect from the outer planet Uranus, which may create stressful situations, fiery interactions and unexpected events.  Breaking up stagnate patterns and stepping away from old structures are favorable on this full moon.

Jupiter’s gaze (dristi) on the Full Moon has a nourishing and protective influence. Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion and growth, and its aspect on Magha Purnima is believed to bring good fortune, abundance, and spiritual progress.

This Full Moon offers an opportunity for individuals to tap into Jupiter’s positive energy and cultivate a deeper connection to the divine. If you’re ready to make a commitment or  improve your life in some way, this is a fortunate full moon for setting things in motion.

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