Goddess Bagalamukhi silencing confusion and doubt.

Had enough? Tired of compromising? Venus, the planet of connectivity and love, is taking a deep dive into some wild and untamed territory. Boundaries and commitments may be challenged as things get real for the queen of equality, security, and supportive alliances.

On Oct. 5, Venus will stop dead in her tracks, beginning a harrowing retrograde cycle that will last until Nov. 16. During this time, Venus will disappear from the night sky as she tracks backward and inward toward the sun, in search of her authentic desires and deepest truths.
On her 40-day retrograde journey deep under, the planet of receptivity and desire promises to ignite passions — but also sever them, if need be. Venus Retrograde will show you where you need to draw boundaries, or conversely, where you might want to jump in headfirst and have a romantic affair.
Artistic creative expression is especially potent around this time, as are sensual connections. Just be mindful not to get too swept up in the moment and make rash, impulsive decisions that you may regret later.
Society’s new awareness around sexual misconduct, which began with the #MeToo Movement, will continue to gather steam as Venus retrogrades. In the public sphere, the sobering and fierce influence of Venus retrograde can be seen in the allegations surrounding US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, whose nomination was imperiled by the Senate testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.
Venus will be stationed in the area of the sky, or nakshatra, known as Swati. Swati brings forth themes of independence, boundaries, and justice, and will highlight where you would be best served to end a toxic job or relationship, or recalibrate power dynamics that have become imbalanced. If not given satisfaction, dignity, and true respect, the Goddess of Love might see fit to dismantle alliances, dissolve friendships, or end partnerships now in the name of a higher spiritual or material potential.

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Venus retrograde can also bring old flames back into the picture. Any unfinished business with exes may be up for a resolution, or you may rekindle a previous relationship. The planet’s backward transit is a real wild card in the sense that anything could happen, and extreme swings are par for the course. You may vacillate between obsessive lust and stoic resistance, but your emotions should reach a heightened state of clarity and integrity after Venus stations direct on Nov. 16.
Venus will not be visible for most of October, until she rises again as Morning Star in early November. This period is known as the most rebellious phase of Venus’s cycle, and it’s a powerful time to do the inner work of self-acceptance and healing.
The reappearance of Venus at dawn is called the “Heliacal Rise,” and due to the symmetrical pattern of the planet’s movements, it returns to rise at nearly the same degree point in the sky every eight years. The Fall 2018 retrograde represents the completion of a cycle that began in November, 2010. Think back to that time and consider what was going on in your life, especially with regard to love or money. What old patterns have you broken, and what transformations have taken place?


Lakshmi (Venus) and her Owl, symbol of death and wisdom. Like Venus, Owls have the ability to fly in pitch darkness towards the goal.

Remember that these are based on your Sidereal Vedic Sign about 23 degrees earlier than your western sign.
Read from your Vedic moon and ascendant sign for best results.
**This is meant as a rough guide. Everyone will experience Venus Retrograde according to their unique astrological chart. A better way to understand the changes and shifts coming up is to schedule a one-on–one Vedic Astrology reading with me here. 

Aries – Creative business deals, exciting travel, renewed alliances, and all sorts of passionate experiences lie ahead. 
Taurus – Good time to work on your diet to improve your skin and hair and get into shape.  Do you feel valued and appreciated for what you give to others?
Gemini – Creativity and fun are the best ways to spend your time.  Open to new ways to enjoy yourself.  Children could come into focus.
Cancer – Improve from the root.  Re-decorate your home or buy a new vehicle.  Stay in touch with your family, especially women family members.
Leo – Time to connect with siblings and neighbors, and open to the possibility of exciting chance encounters in transit.  Re-learn artistic skills, write creatively, and play music.
Virgo – Expansive awareness around money and possessions. Gifts coming, artistic creations may bring money. Be careful not to overspend or be impulsive with your purchases.
Libra – Love heals. Strong influence. Change in partnership or new relationship coming in.  Artistic exploration and open-heartedness.
Scorpio – Be wary of seduction or hidden love affairs. Powerful time to go within and focus on meditation and dream work.
Sagittarius – Great time for socializing and forming new friendships. Old friends could come back to visit.  Great time for networking and business opportunities.

Capricorn – Feel like a fresh new image? How could you express yourself more out in the world and at work?  Could be time to ask for a raise.

Aquarius – Lady luck. Travel and philosophical studies reveal heartfelt realizations. Opportunities for higher studies present themselves.
Pisces – Passionate encounters and sexual healing. Money from unexpected sources. Be wary of obsessive dynamics in relationships.