The new moon of Feb 19 (11:06 pm PT) is a potent dose of spiritual energy. Following just after the sacred night of Shivarati, this powerful new moon can cut karmic ties of the past, and set new possibilities in motion.

The new moon will be in the area of the sky called Shatabhisha in Vedic Astrology, the “veiling star” which has the power to veil (and unveil) mysteries.  It’s said that Lord Shiva burns through the veil of illusion called maya when he opens his third eye on this new moon.

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The Hindu holiday of Maha Shivaratri falls on the evening of February 18, 2023. At the end of this dark night, the thin sliver of a waning moon (the Shiva Moon) can be seen rising at dawn. This is the night that karmic patterns can be transformed and prayers are magnified 1000-fold.

In India, it’s customary to stay up all night, fast and sing mantras to Lord Shiva, who is known as the destroyer of fear and attachments. Often depicted in a wild dance of destruction, Shiva is also seen as the consummate yogi seated quietly on a Himalayan mountainside, deep in meditation.

The austere and contemplative influence of this new moon is enhanced by Saturn who is combust (burning) in the sun now. You may have noticed the effects of this conjunction in recent weeks as exhaustion, heaviness or a lack of optimism. Saturn will begin to move out of combustion after this new moon. This is an ideal time to get serious at work, or restart a dormant yoga or meditation practice.

The new moon is in the sign of Aquarius, the water-bearer, which symbolizes the nourishing power of water when it is contained. According to Vedic legend, a river goddess named Ganga once flowed angrily down from heaven, but her destructive power was contained by Lord Shiva’s knotted hair, and transformed into the gentle and nourishing river Ganga.

Expansive Jupiter and love-centered Venus are together in the spiritually nourishing sign of Pisces. Through March 11 this influence magnifies the power of attraction and can bring soul-mates together. It also helps to magnify universal love and compassion.

Small acts of kindness can spread great waves of compassion through your community now. Reach out to help those in need, and be generous with encouragement and care.

Mantra for destroying negativity and creating inner peace – “Om Namah Shivaya”

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